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25th Anniversary of Back to the Future II

The other day while taking a break and flicking through channels, I came upon the movie, Back To The Future II, airing on Movieplex. I clicked info to discover that the movie was released in 1989, that’s 25 years ago. The movie takes place on, 10/26/85, Marty and Dr. Emmett Brown were traveling to 10/21/2015. That date is coming up and I started to watch to see if Robert Zemicki’s and Bob Gale had any accurate prediction for the future in their screenplay.

The clock shows the date, 10/21/2015. This clock on the link will tell you just how far away the date is. At the time of writing this blog it was 1 year, 100 days etc…

Imagine, 1989 was at the inception of the World Wide Web, before email, google, facebook, linkedin, instagram, pinterest and twitter, before cell phones were in everyone’s hands, every minute of the day. Before you could use your phone to surf the web, take pictures, video and listen to music all in one hand held device.

Marty, Dr. Emmett Brown and Jennifer land in an alley of the Hill Valley Town Square on 10/21/2015, thirty years into their future. When they try to exit the DeLorean, it’s pouring rain, Dr. Brown looks at his dashboard and says, “Wait five seconds…” and it stopped raining and sure enough the sun came out.

Then Dr. Brown says, and I’m paraphrasing, I wish the post office were as accurate as the weather [channel]. Now considering that Lombard’s post office has made the five o’clock news in the past few weeks for not delivering the mail, I’d say that prediction was spot on, because back in the day you never heard of the post office going days without deliveries. Remember the postal service creed, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Dr. Brown hands Marty a newspaper with tomorrow’s date 10/22/2015 in which it shows a picture of Marty’s yet to be son, as Marty reads, “Within two hours of his arrest, Martin McFly was tried, convicted and sentenced to 15 years in the State penitentiary.” Marty questions Dr. Brown, saying, “Two Hours? … In just two hours?…” Dr. Emmett Brown replies, “The justice system works swiftly now that they have abolished all the lawyers.” I think this might have been wishful thinking on the part of the writers as this is certainly not the case in our current judicial system, but there is still time, remember we have 15 months to go.

Marty McFly’s assignment is to go to an 80’s Café and tell Biff, “No,” so that his son will not get arrested.

Dr. Brown gives Marty $50.00 for a Pepsi and some modern clothes to put on and sadly we do not have self fitting and drying jackets or self lacing shoes, nor unfortunately the hoover boards or cars that enter into the picture in the next scene. And gratefully is doesn’t cost $50.00 for a Pepsi.

What we do have though, are the self-ordering restaurants as Pizza Hut’s new prototype seen here,  where you simply sit at a table and place your order via the screen and play games on the screen while you wait.

Sure it doesn’t have a Max Headroom type Michael Jackson or President Reagan and the Iatola Komani fighting over what you should order, but it’s close and let’s not forget about the new drone prototypes setting up to deliver our amazon and pizza orders as seen here.

We also have screen billboards and screens at the gas stations that talk, and they are currently working on a full service gas station,  as seen here, developing robotic gas pumps, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your car.

Texaco has been bought out by Chevron in 1999, and I don’t know who owns Chevron, but you won’t see any Texaco gas station anymore.

As Marty walks through the square just before going to the 80’s café where Michael Jackson’s, Beat It, streams through the speakers, he is attacked by a hologram Shark via Jaw’s 19 which never happened either, Jaws 5 was the last movie to be made in 1995. In 1989 there had already been four Jaw’s movies made.

Once Marty’s assignment is accomplished they find that the police have found Jennifer where they had left her in the alley. The Police were able to find out who she was via her thumbprint. We are not currently required to have our thumbs printed, but we do have computers filled with data that the police have access to as well as GPS chips installed into many of our pets and citizens.

Now Marty and Dr. Brown have to recover Jennifer so that they can get back to 1985 and they go to the family home. Many home security systems have keypad entry with touch screen controllers, although, it isn’t thumb print technology and doorknobs still exist. Once in the home, Jennifer wakes up and hides in the closet to see her future son turn on the television to watch six channels simultaneously. We do offer picture in picture technology but the average home does not have six pictures in picture screens.

I loved the broken scene screen in the front window that could give you your favorite views. Unfortunately we do not have that technology either.

What I really wish for is that configuration that the grandpa came in on because of his bad back! He entered the humble abode upside down in some sort of hoover contraption. There are many a day when I could use that.

Grandma came in holding a small bag with a dehydrated pizza saying, “I brought Pizza for everyone?”

When the family sits down to eat their rehydrated pizza, Marty junior calls for fruit and a contraption comes down from the ceiling looking like a hydroponic garden with all matter of produce, another invention that would be nice, but we don’t have yet.

Just then the phone rings and his daughter also played by Michael J. Fox answers it with her glasses, which isn’t far off, we do have eyeglass computers, as seen here.

The call was for Marty Sr. and he decides to take the call in the den where he has a videoconference through his television screen. Taking a telephone call through your television was close, for we now have Skype and videoconference apps where you can videoconference from your hand held wireless phone so not through the television, but we do have very slick computer screens and you have to remember we didn’t have computers in 1989, like we do today.

Marty get’s busted scanning his card for some dubious reason, which brings us to today’s NSA, that now monitors our email, phone calls, texts and google searches. When Marty get’s fired for his activity, he is alerted with a confirmation fax. Now fax machines are still in use, but almost outdated by scanning documents and sending them via emails, which you can read from your phone.

That about sums up their trip to the future, they recover Jennifer and they’re off to 1985 where they find that everything has changed through some butterfly effect brought about by a sport’s almanac and the story continues…

The point is, that writing is like that…You can create worlds, (tweet this) characters and events, life as it should be, life as it could be, using your imagination can bring about all types of solutions and creations that haven’t been thought of yet.

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