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I love getting messages on Facebook from my readers stating how  they love my books. It would really help if they wrote the review too. I wish I could just cut and paste the things my readers said in private messages, from choosing sides of team Brad or team Vlad to how both mothers and daughters are enjoying the books together.

As a writer, I just appreciate that people read my books and it gives me such a thrill to know that they enjoy my creation. It is painful to chase after people and shamelessly ask them to write a review, especially when I just appreciate that they have read my work and love it.

Writing reviews may seem intimidating, so I will examine the process of writing reviews on the various social media sites.

It only takes a few minutes to join Goodreads. It is a fun  web site where you can get in touch with readers and authors. A reader can also become a fan,  write and read reviews for their favorite authors.

You do not have to write an essay to get your point across in a review. An overall impression is all that is needed. All of the reviews I  wrote on Goodreads can be found on my good reads review tab on this web site.

Sometimes a reader might be impressed with a particular line in the story and by all mean include quotes if you wish.

On Goodreads, you do not have to prove that you bought the book, since it is not a site that sells books. It is a site for readers and authors to meet and share their love of books.

On Amazon, reviews are verified and if you did not purchase the book from Amazon, then they will mark the review as unverified or verified if the book was purchased at the Amazon website.

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If the reader did not purchase the book on Amazon they will write that they received a free copy for an honest review.

I like it when you purchase or download a free version on Amazon, that Amazon will follow up with you via email and ask you to write a review. This hopefully will motivate readers to write reviews.

On Smashwords, it only takes a few minutes to sign up, but they will not allow you to write a reviews unless you have purchased the book through their website. Now that Electric, The Beginning, Book 1 is available for free download, all are welcome to write a review for Book 1. If you  have either purchased from Smash words or have downloaded a free version, you can sign up in just minutes and write a review.

It is impossible for a writer to meet each reader and talk to them. That is why writers rely on book reviews. A reader can decide from the book reviews if they want to read the book.

M LeMont writes how a readers can write a review in  2 minute and 2 seconds here.  Definitely worth a read.

Here are a few teasers excerpts from Electric, The Consummation, Book II for you to enjoy.


excerpttuesdayteaserThank you for your time and attention. I appreciate every minute of it. Have a great day. And remember Electric, The Aftermath, Book IV is due to come out in eight weeks, so if you have not read all three yet, hurry and catch up!

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