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I want to thank everyone for their patience.

I am not sure if any of you caught the post I put up on my Facebook Author Page, but I have postponed the release of book 5 for a few more weeks. I don’t want to give my readers anything but my best work and I have been a bit distracted this past month.

Unfortunately my 35 year old niece started having seizures due to different medications she was taking for various medical reasons. The seizures were so severe that they put her in a drug induced coma to calm the brain. They tried taking her off of the drug induced coma a week later and the seizure continued. They put her back into the coma for another week. When they took her off the drugs yet again she did not have seizures, but did not wake up. Two weeks later the seizures came back and they have had to put her back into the drug induced coma. This has been going on for six weeks.

Mary is a 35 year old woman with one son in high school. I feel so helpless for her and wish there was something I can do to help her out. At this point all anyone can do is pray for her complete and full recovery. I start and end every day with a prayer for her and I would like to ask if you might please join in, asking for a complete recovery for Mary and strength for her family at this time of trial.  Thank you in advance for your time and attention for Mary.

I decided to share the next Chapter of Electric Book 5 here. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave comments below.


To Brunch or Not To Brunch


“Rob, Honey,” Gina called as she went up the stairs.


Reggie stepped into the living room and looked around shaking his head as his eyes scanned the humble abode, thinking, this place looks a lot smaller in person.


Martha served French toast and fresh fruit in the sunroom to the delight of the children.


“Rob,” Gina said as she knocked on his door.

“Go away!” Rob shouted, as Gina opened the door and entered the room.


Jeeves grabbed a plate and sat in the dining room.


“Honey,” Gina said, and bent down by Rob’s bed where he lay face down.

“Why were you kissing that man?” Rob buried his head deeper under the covers as Gina stammered. “Reggie is a very nice and generous man who has been helping me. He brought over those puppies for you and a wonderful breakfast too. I was just giving him a hug in gratitude. We are all going through so much; why don’t you go downstairs and get some breakfast while I go put some clothes on?” Gina said, standing to leave the room and get dressed.

Rob rolled over and looked at Gina with disgust and wrapped the pillow around his head as Gina left the room.

“Try the sausage,” Rob heard Lisa cry out as he decided to join the others.

“It’s delicious,” Amanda agreed, while Duncan was mostly interested in the bacon.


“It’s a cute house,” Martha offered as she took her seat at the dining room table.

Reggie just gave a grunt as he looked around the rather tight quarters barely room for him to walk around the table to get to the next room. He peered down into the little crystal chandelier that was hanging from the 7ft-ceiling saying; “I think I am getting claustrophobic in here. Will you be alright with the kids?”

“Yes, sir,” Both Jeeves and Martha replied.

“Good,” Reggie said as he grabbed a seat and waited for Gina.


Gina was freezing, as she looked at her hands and feet, her toes were a horrid shade of purple. This is all too much! She thought as she wondered what she was going to wear. She couldn’t go out with Reggie and leave the children, could she? This was happening too fast. She went over the day’s events as she rubbed her hands together and blew into them trying to warm them and get the blood circulating. She realized the only way she would warm up was by getting into the shower. If she let this episode go she might never get the blood back into her hands and feet. This thought just added more stress as she looked down at her toes, the tips now turning a darker shade of purple, almost black. This was enough to stress her out. Too Bad! She thought, I am taking a shower.


Reggie heard the shower turn on overhead and let out a sigh of frustration as he looked to Martha and Jeeves who were enjoying their breakfast. “Is there fresh Coffee,” Reggie asked, looking directly at Martha.

“No, sir, but I will put on a pot right away, if you will just give me a minute.”

“Fine,” Reggie said rising from the table. He decided to look around the house further. It looked so different to him now. Seeing it in person was rather surreal. He looked around and remembered explicit scenes that the family had been through. Gina slid down the wall there when she told Brad about Vladimir. He thought as he walked through the living room and into the den.

The camera angle in the den certainly did not allow him to see into the drawers of the desk or the file cabinet. He looked around to see if he could spot a camera. He heard that Don had reinstalled them all over the house, while they were on their four-day escapade, but as he looked around he really couldn’t see any.


Gina stood under the running water. She had plugged the tub so that she could soak her cold feet while she shampooed her hair.


Vladimir was stunned, as he had just watched what Tonya had done for the last two weeks. He contemplated how things could have gone differently, but he could see no other way for things to play out. Questions where running through his mind at warp speed when he drifted off to sleep again.


“There is no rest for the wicked,” Tzadkiel said to Matatron as they closed the screen down.

“No indeed,” Matatron agreed.

“When we interfere and meddle in peoples lives too much and in a negative way there is going to be hell to pay,” Tzadkiel said with a wink.

“I am not sure how this is all going to play out. We have to think of the children first and foremost.”

“Precisely, so you know what to do,” Tzadkiel said, looking sternly at Matatron.

“Affirmative,” Matatron said uneasily, because he hadn’t the slightest clue.

“Good, then report to me when you have completed your mission. I will hand the rest of your cases over to Sensa, who will handle everything until your mission is complete.”

“Thank you, Tzadkiel. I will be in touch,” Matatron said, as he shimmered out of sight.


Gina ran the blow dryer through her long blonde hair feeling much better now that she warmed up. She felt so vulnerable thinking that something like answering the front door could cause her to relapse into a full on attack of Raynaud’s phenomenon, but that was the reality of her situation and she was going to have to face it. She took one final look at herself in the mirror, her hair cascaded down her back in loose ringlets, she selected her favorite Levi’s, and pink sweater with a plunging neckline. One last quick adjustment of her boobs, pushing them up and squishing them together, allowed a more voluptuous cleavage as she bounced down the stairs.

“There you are,” Reggie said with excitement. “It’s already 1:00 p.m. I thought you would never come down.”

“Sorry, my hands and feet went into an attack from being exposed to the cold so I had to warm them up before anything else.”

“Are you okay Ma’am?” Martha asked.

“Yes, I am now. Thank you Martha,” Gina said with a smile.

“Good,” Reggie said, “Let’s get out of here! I’m starving.”

“Where are you going Mommy?” Lisa asked.

“Just for lunch honey. You should be fine here for an hour?” Gina asked looking to Reggie for an answer.

“Better make it three hours,” Reggie said.

“But, Mommy, weren’t we supposed to go shopping for the week?”

“And what about school,” Amanda asked.

“You guys won’t go back to school until after the winter break. Even if we decide to go back we have all day tomorrow,” Gina said nervously.

“Oh, but I want to go back,” Lisa said.

“Me too,” Rob added.

“Well. Okay, if you think you are up to it. I told the school you wouldn’t be back until the beginning of the New Year. You guys really need to take it slow.”

“Why should the children sit around with their memories all day?” Martha asked.

“I guess if you guys go and then change your mind you can just call me and I will pick you up. But look, we will talk about it further when I get back. Okay?” Gina asked as she put on her parka.

“Okay Mommy,” Lisa said.

“If the children need anything from the store I would be happy to go pick it up,” Jeeves offered.

Realizing they would never get out of there at this point, Gina abruptly said, “You guys be good, okay,” she bent down and extended her arms in a hug to which the children gladly entered.

Reggie walked over to the door and held up his wrist to look at his Bvlgari Magsonic Sonnerie Tourbillon watch, with a slight sigh, which rattle Gina a bit, to move along.


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  1. That was intriguing. It’s hard to read about how her children aren’t happy with the new situation and how confused Gina is.

    I’ll keep your niece in my prayers.

    1. It was interesting to show a multitude of things happening simultaneously. The adventure for the kids is just beginning! There are some rough roads a head…

      Your prayers and your support are immensely appreciated.

      Thank you so much and have an awesome day.

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