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Electric, Book 5/ Work in Progress…

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Gina woke quietly and stretched out under her covers. Then she noted Brad was missing and her thoughts turned dark. How did you die Brad? Was it a heart attack? Were you poisoned?” Frustrated Gina pulled the covers over her head and fell back to sleep. Soon a loud rapping at the door below disturbed her as she pushed the covers off of her head and sat up and looked at the clock. 11:00 a.m.! Gina jumped out of the bed. Did we all sleep in so late? She thought as she grabbed her robe and put it on, as the perpetual knocking continued below. With a quick check on the kids who were still sleeping Gina ran down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about.

She peered though the peephole and saw Reggie! Gina gasped grabbing her robe and tightening it around her throat, noting she was not even wearing underwear. The knocking continued as Gina tried to think of what to do. She couldn’t go upstairs and change, she scanned the living room, blankets, and a few bowls of popcorn from last night were strewn about. She had to face the music and just open the door. She did a quick check in the mirror by the door, but it was pointless. She didn’t have a stitch of makeup on and it was too late to do anything about it. The knocking persisted as she grabbed the latch and opened the door.

“What? Don’t tell me you were sleeping?” Reggie’s voice barreled through the room.

“Good morning!” Gina said in shock.

“Good morning to you too. May I come in,” Reggie asked, holding something behind his back.

“Of course,” Gina said, opening the door wider and stepping back as Reggie pulled his arm from behind his back to reveal a basket covered with a blanket.

“What is this?” Gina asked.

“Take a look,” Reggie insisted.

Gina pulled back the blanket to reveal two of the most adorable puppies inside.

“Oh My God!” Gina exclaimed, taking the basket from his hands and placing it the floor as Reggie entered fully.

“I called you yesterday. Did you get my message?”

“Yeah, but it was late at night and I thought I would call you in the morning. I never sleep this late,” Gina said picking up one of the puppies that were little bigger than the size of her hand. “What are these?”

“Pomeranians, they’re brothers, from my breeder. Romulus and Remus, what do you think? Catchy? “

“Oh my God, they’re so cute, but so small! Is it too soon to be taken from their mother?”

“They’re fine,” Reggie said, as the kids came down the stairs, now awake from all the commotion.

“Who are these sleepy heads,” Reggie asked as the children shyly entered the living room.

“What are those?” Rob asked excitedly, as the girls ran forward squealing with delight.

“Puppies. Little Pomeranian pooches.” Reggie said as the children gathered around the basket with all manner of onomatopoeias.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I saw how much you loved my dogs and I thought they would be great for the children too and they’re small so they won’t take up too much room.”

“But I don’t have any supplies,” Gina said, as she thought of caring for the dogs and all the responsibilities that went with it.

“Don’t worry I thought of everything, I have Jeeves and Martha waiting outside. I bought the pups everything they will need and I even brought you all a nice brunch.”

“Oh, Thank you,” Gina said astounded. “Well, invite them in. We cannot leave them out in the cold,” Gina insisted.

Reggie opened the door and gave a signal and soon Jeeves and Martha were at the door with hoards of bags and boxes. The snow on Reggie’s shoes melted creating a puddle where he stood.

“Good morning,” Gina said, welcoming them in. The front hall became too crowded. Gina grabbed the basket with the puppies and moved into the living room, the children followed. “Rob, Honey, run upstairs and get a dark bath towel so we can clean up that water in the hall there,” Gina asked.

Without question, Rob dutifully went up the stairs. Gina laid the basket down quick as the sash to her robe started to fail. She quickly tighten it remembering again her state of undress…nothing but Brad’s old faded, thread bare t-shirt covered by her sheer satin dressing gown.

“I brought food, ma’am. Where is the kitchen?” Martha asked.

“Just around the corner to your left,” Gina pointed.

“Where do you want me to put the dog’s beds and paraphernalia?” Jeeves asked.

“Let’s leave it right here,” Gina suggested.

“Okay. I have more stuff in the car,” Jeeves said exiting back to the car.

“So this is it? Your home?” Reggie inquired, looking around the living room to his right and then the dining room to his left.

“Yes,” Gina said looking around the room that was overstuffed with the clutter of living, made more so by the added Christmas decorations.

“Here,” Rob announced handing Reggie a navy blue towel.

“What’s this?” Reggie asked, taking the towel with a quizzical look.

“For your shoes,” Gina said pointing to the puddle now forming on the tiled foyer.

“Oh, sorry,” Reggie said nervously wondering what to do.

“You can just stand on it,” Gina offered.

“Okay. Thanks,” Reggie said placing the towel on the floor. “You have a charming home. Are you guys ready for brunch?”

The children looked at each other excited, but unsure how to answer.

“Go into the kitchen kids and see what Martha has cooking,” Gina suggested. The puppies were over stimulated by all the attention. When the children left through the den, Reggie held open his arms in greeting. Gina stood feeling self-conscious. She felt goose bumps on her flesh and the chill was apparent as her nipples poked through the sheer t-shirt and robe she was wearing.

Reggie’s eyes gravitated to her chest further adding to her awkwardness so she rushed forward to Reggie’s waiting arms enveloped by his embrace in a passionate hug. Gina’s condition only worsened having pressed up to the cold leather of Reggie’s black leather boomer jacket. Her left nipple grazed the zipper as she pulled away causing a twinge between her legs.

“Thank you, Reggie,” Gina said as Reggie put his arms around her waist and pulled her in tighter. He whispered in her ear, “Oh how I have missed you my sweet, sweet Gina.” He moved his lips from her ear to her lips. Jeeves came in with another load.

“Where do I put the presents?” Jeeves asked.

“Presents,” Gina exclaimed as Jeeves entered the door.

“Under the tree I guess,” Gina said, as Jeeves promptly placed the elegantly wrapped packages under the tree.

“What’s all this?” Gina asked.

“I took the liberty of picking up a few things for you and the kids.”

“That’s incredible,” Gina said, as Reggie instructed Jeeves to join the others in the kitchen.

“Now where were we,” Reggie asked, looking Gina up and down, noting her pert nipples, he pulled Gina in closer.  He lifted her chin with his hand as he laid his lip on hers in a passionate kiss. Rob entered the room with a shriek of surprise that broke their embrace.

“Rob, honey,” Gina stammered, “I was just thanking Reggie for the gifts.”

“I can see that!” Rob exclaimed, as he stomped up the stairs very deliberately.

“Oh my God!” Gina whispered. “This is terrible. Reggie, he just lost his father. I have to go to him.” Gina said breaking their embrace.

“Sure honey, but let me take you out to lunch. Martha and Jeeves are great with kids. They can look after them while we go out.”

“I don’t know,” Gina hesitated. “Let me go talk to Rob and smooth things over.”

“Okay, go get dressed,” Reggie insisted as Gina went up the stairs after Rob.


I hope you enjoyed chapter 138 of book 5.

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  1. Wow, that was certainly worth waiting for! I love the way Reggie seems to have thought of everything and knows just what buttons to push, but that doesn’t exactly make me like him more (yet). And now Gina has some explaining to do…

    1. Thank you Devika, I always appreciate your support.

      Tara Copsy sent me a private email revealing several typos…So I wanted to add a big thank you to her too…And as Devika is already in my acknowledgements I will be adding Tara as well…but there is still time for those of you interested to leave comments and become a part of the work.

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