Tuesday Teaser! Electric Book 6 part 2

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I wanted to take a moment from my writing schedule to drop off another Tuesday Teaser, from my WIP, Electric, The Finale, Book 6, Chapter 167 for those of you who are Roman Numeral challenged, aptly titled New Year’s Eve.

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Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season as well as a Prosperous New Year.


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Please enjoy this passage from, Electric, The Finale, Book 6, Chapter 167:




It was a cold 13-degree night with a 7-degree below zero wind chill factor as Gina climbed onto the helicopter to take a tour of the festivities in Time Square wearing her sparkling blue sequined Versace and full-length mink coat that Don surprised her with last night. Gina was able to beat Don with the four-move checkmate only twice before he caught on, but he still lost best three out of five before they called it a night.

“This is amazing,” Gina said fastening her harness.

“Its The 25 annual New Years Rockin Eve,” Don said as they peered down at the festivities that were in full swing as the Helicopter lifted off the 30 Rockefeller Center building. The helicopter circled the event, as Dick Clark narrated the views the camera was picking up, staring at the monitors from down below on his platform. He wanted to make sure that the viewers at home were getting a full sense of the atmosphere and fun that was happening in Time Square.

“This is so exciting. I can’t believe we are up here.” Gina exclaimed as Don motioned for her to be quiet, as they didn’t want to interfere with the pilot’s concentration. They were not supposed to up there, but Don had pulled some strings to make it happen. “There are at least a half a million people down there,” the pilot disclosed as they looked down upon the crowd with four stages set up for musical entertainment with Dick Clark’s stage right in the center. After circling Time Square four times they were whisked over central park and back around for good measure, landing back on the 30 Rockefeller Center building where they took the elevator down and walked through underground tunnels to join in the festivities.

Gina and Don stood on the same platform as Dick Clark announced the computerized ball drop. Don bent in and gave Gina an innocent kiss on the lips at the final moment ringing in the New Year, followed by a 3,000-pound confetti drop. The 26 searchlights kept scanning the crowd, as fireworks went off in the distance at Central Park. “It looks like it is snowing,” Don noted as the confetti fell upon the masses.

“Oh Don, this has been the single most exciting event in my life. Thank you,” Gina said with tears in her eyes, as she gave Don a big hug.

A few moments later, Gina met Dick Clark, and wished him a happy New Year, giving him a big hug before dragging Don off to watch the rock band, Kiss, preform on one of the nearby stages. It wasn’t easy moving around, but luckily they had the help of a security detail to get them to where they were going.

Gina woke up New Year’s Day with renewed vigor. She had a plan! She had a business venture. She was doing something proactive to save her family. She was going to build Utopia! Utopia, Mind, Body and Soul! Yeah that’s it. She thought as she stretched out on the bed. Wow, three weeks ago, I was just living my life, working, raising my kids and now I am a business entrepreneur! But where am I getting the money to build this? Her mood quickly dissipated as reality slapped her in the face. Not wanting to completely blow her mood, she thought of last night and how she was flying around in a helicopter over Time Square. It was amazing and soon a smile crossed her face again. From the simple life in Riverdale to a life of jet setting amazement!

Yes, she was happy! But then thoughts of Reggie came to mind and she shuddered. How can I be so lame to have allowed that to happen? He was so strong, and so sexy, so commanding and so generous, that’s how. What the fuck happened? Why did he change so abruptly and turn on me. Actually allowing, no not allowing, probably ordering that woman to…NO! NO! NO! I must get all these thoughts out of my mind. She thought as she pulled the covers back and made a beeline for the shower.


I hope you enjoyed this installment. The completed edition should be available the first of the new year. Happy reading, Happy New Year, Happiness always!

and lastly: Electric, The Holiday’s, Book 5 just received another 5* review!

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