There is more than one book, take a look!

Looking for a little romance and intrigue this Valentine’s Day?

You will find it in the pages of the Electric Series!

I want to thank all my readers for making Electric, The Beginning, Book 1, A Best Seller on Amazon and I would like to remind you, that there is more than one book…so if you haven’t read them all yet take a look at the links below:


After you have finished with the free download of Electric, The Beginning, Book 1, be sure to read further, Electric, The Consummation,  Book 2,  five star reviews here:


#amwriting Book 5…Thank you all for your patiences!   If you haven’t read them yet don’t miss out… get busy there is more to come…

And for my readers out of the US be sure to click here.

Happy New Year! Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Reading!

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Thank you for making Electric, The Beginning, Book 1, a Best Seller on Amazon… Click To Tweet

2 thoughts on “There is more than one book, take a look!”

  1. Electrical Book 1 was brilliant! Very compelling read full of deception, manipulation with an unexpected twist. I love the chemistry in this story.

    Moving forward, so much to read, so little time…
    Up next, Electric Book 2 or Master of Deception?

    Carly is a fantastic author!

    1. Thank you Al, I am glad you are enjoying the series. I know how difficult it is to find the time too…As someone who owns their own business, to running a house, to finding time to write blogs and books, I still find time to read books as well. I post my progress on Goodreads and it shoots out to Facebook and Twitter and when I finally write my review it goes out to this website. Ideally I would like to read a book a week, but that does not give me the time to enjoy and reflect on the literature, so I take my time as you should too. Reading should remain a relaxing endeavor that we enjoy and turn to in times of stress to allow us to relax from that fast pace and hectic world out there…so by all mean take your time and savor the story. I’ll be here waiting to hear from you until next time.

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