The Importance of Daily Meditation

In today’s stressed out world where we are all trying to multi task, I thought I would take the opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of self love, self care and doing everything in your life with intention. 


Writers sit at computer desks for large portions of the day and it is difficult to maintain good posture. Poor posture can lead to the  physical duress of disease as exemplified by the chart below:


A Great way to start your day: Daily meditation

Taking care of your-self is the only way of loving yourself. You must love yourself. If you love yourself first and take care of yourself then you will be able to tackle what the world has to offer with inner strength from a place of inner peace.

Ritual and routine keep you on track. Thinking positive thoughts while being intentional are ways of meditating in a stressed world.

Meditation takes practice and practice makes perfect….

I like to multi-task whenever I can. Considering the spine is the electrical circuitry for your entire body, I’ve developed a way to combine meditation with spine therapy.

Lie on a carpeted floor or yoga mat with enough room to extend your arms out and feel your back touching the floor. Start with your low back, feel it flush to the floor. Is your low back arched? Roll your knees to your chest to get your low back flat, slowly extend your legs. Place your feet flat on the floor so that your knees are facing the ceiling. Press your low back into the floor. Feel your low back flat and firm. Concentrate on nothing other than making sure your back is flush to the floor.

Now lift your butt up slowly, until only your feet and shoulders are touching the floor.

Slowly lower your back one vertebra at a time until your back is flat again.

Feel the adjustments during this process. Repeat this until you feel your back in flat and firm to the ground.

Extend your arms out. Are your shoulders flat to the floor? Tuck your shoulder blades in until both shoulders are flat. Swivel from side to side until you can feel that your shoulders are flat.

Your arms should be extended out with elbows bent perpendicular to your shoulders. Take time to feel your back, make sure it is as straight as possible. Keep your low back pressed into the floor. Now breathe deep.

Breathe in through your nose exhale through your mouth. Concentrate only on your breath and keeping your back straight. Once your breathing pattern is established, slow down your breathing.

Breathe in through your nose slowly and consciously fill your lungs and diaphragm, breathing in for a count of ten. Hold your breath for a count of six, and then slowly blow the air out through your pinched lips, release the air from your lungs and diaphragm for a count of ten.

This will take practice before it feels natural. Concentrate on getting it right. Once this new breathing pattern is established and you are doing it smoothly, repeat it ten times. Breathing deeply reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and can be repeated several times throughout the day.

Finish the process by rolling your low back slowly from side to side, stretching your low back by placing your knees to one side while turning your head to the opposite side.

What was the most disquieting thought you had during this relaxation exercise? This should be the first thing you attend to, get it out of your way and get on with your day.

Do this every morning to straighten your back and get your electrical circuits operational. Concentrating on your breath clears your mind to focus, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure besides giving you an overall feeling of wellness.

Now go have an intentional day. Do everything with intention and keep your mind only on what you are doing. This takes practice too.

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Other neck stretching exercises: 3 Stretches to Correct Forward Head Posture by Ashley Mazurek: Video (roughly 6.5 minutes)

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