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Back To the Future II Day!


I originally wrote this post a year ago to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the movie, Back to the Future II, but now the day has arrived and in case you missed it here are some developments:

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Shadrach Del’Monte

One of my readers, Shadrach Del’Monte  paid me the highest compliment. After reading my books he created movie posters of how he saw the books. I was so impressed with his adaptation that I decided to share them with you here.

In the picture below I see the intensity of Mads Mikkelsen as Mikhail Vladimir and although their backs are turned on each other you can feel the chemistry and sense the vulnerability of Anne Hathaway as Gina Parrot. You can also feel the electric current and mayhem that is about to ensue. Outstanding visuals for this storyline. shadzbook1

https://twitter.com/shadzdelmonte/status/598606334972551168 book 1

For book 2 below, the image he chose of Mads Mikkelsen shows that Mikhail Vladimir is spurned, determined and angry; the image of Anne Hathaway shows Gina’s scars of a tough life. The entire image shows that a storm is brewing between them. It is a perfect portrayal of the books.


https://twitter.com/shadzdelmonte/status/599285208207228929 book 2

For books 3 & 4 below, the image of Ann Hathaway as Gina shows that she is trying to figure this out. Gina is looking toward the image of James Spader as the infamous Don Redmen, we see that Jessica Alba as Carlotta Vanburen is behind it all as the story unfolds. The bubbling lights all around suggests spiritual beings. Outstanding portrayal of the story in its entirety.



Learn more about the artist, Shadrach Del’Monte and watch his youtube videos on the links provided below:

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Click here to learn more about the Electric Series. 

Thank you for you time and attention.

When we raise one, we all rise!

Have a great day everyone, I bid you peace!

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Electric, The Aftermath, Book IV

A recap:


Electric, The Aftermath, Book 4 has just been released on Amazon for Kindle users and Smashwords, for Nook, iBook and other users.

Electric, The Beginning, Book 1 is available for free download.

I combined all three books for people where the free download is not available and have passed those savings on to everyone.

I am hoping to release book V in October 2015!

You can check out 5 star reviews for, Electric, The Beginning, Book 1.

Here are the 5 star reviews for, Electric, The Consummation, Book 2.

Here are the 5 star reviews for Electric, The Resolution, Book 3.

Check out 5 star reviews of Electric, The Aftermath, book 4 on Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords, by clicking the links.

Thank you so much for you time and attention. Have an awesome day.

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Cover Release!

Down to the wire, only a few more days before, Electric, The Aftermath, Book 4 is released.

Since the setting is in Chicago, I worked with a few pictures I had on hand. It would be nice to hire a cover designer, but I’m still priding myself on publishing books at no cost other than the time it takes to do it. We all know time is money, I just happen to have more time than money. Continue reading Cover Release!

Work in Progress (WIP)


I am diligently working on, Electric, The Aftermath, Book IV, a paranormal psychological thriller, in my series and decided to share a chapter here with you. Each book reads well as a stand alone, but to enjoy the full flavor, read each book, so that you might savor every moment that is Electric.





“Tzadkiel, what are we to do with the new arrivals?”

“We have to investigate. It is obvious that it wasn’t their time. They will need time to reorient themselves. Let them review their lives, before we have a debriefing and get this all sorted out.”

“Thank you, Tzadkiel. I will get them started.”

“And send Matatron, to watch over Gina Parrot and the whole situation before more calamity ensues.”

“On it!” Continue reading Work in Progress (WIP)