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My first official blog: July 6th 2014

My journey of writing a novel, and creating a writer’s platform that has lead into this blog…

Part I

I have been writing my novel Electric for the past two years. I sent out the rough draft of 165 pages with a beginning, middle and an end wanting to see if I was on the right track, to four beta readers, three old friends and one new friend, in January of 2012 and immediately following my husband woke up Sunday morning and went down stairs to make us coffee, as is his routine, hearing water running in the basement.

He called out to me, “Did you leave the water running in the basement last night? Why is everything all wet? Holy geez, THERE’S WATER EVERYWHERE!” He shouted.

I jolted from my bed in my pre-coffee state, saying, “What are you talking about?” as I groggily proceeded to find my way down stairs.

“The water is running is the bathroom sink in the basement! All the ceiling tiles are down!” My husband continued to shout until I reached the top of the basement stairs walking over a damp wet floor, looking around curiously.

I slowly went down the basement stairs to find, my Elfa bookshelves filled with 167 saturated books dripping with water, and the ceiling tiles above either half hanging from the braces or laying on the floor in front of me.

I carefully stepped around the tiles and turned the corner to find the bathroom ceiling tiles down soaking wet on the floor with one lying in the sink, which must have hit the faucet and turned the water on??? But even that didn’t make sense.

My husband and I surveyed the damage in complete amazement. We couldn’t figure out what had happened. Whatever had happened it was over now. We couldn’t find the source of the water.

It was as if someone had taken a garden hose and left it running on the first floor for hours? Of course that wasn’t what happened, we looked for a busted pipe, but if a pipe were busted the water would still be coming.

There was simple no source for the water, yet everything was soaking wet, so we decided to enlist some help and called a few friends.

First our cousin who is a homebuilder couldn’t figure anything out. Then we called the village water department and he was stumped too.

Later I went up the stair to the first floor powder room and noticed that there was tissue floating in it, so I flushed the toilet only to see the water start to rise.

I quickly grabbed the plunger as the toilet overflowed stopping it just in time to hear yells coming from the basement.



“There’s water coming down here!”

And that is how we found the source of the water.

To the best of our knowledge, my daughter came home around midnight and used the toilet before retiring to bed.

The toilet must have been clogged and overflowed continuously running water down into the basement until the ceiling tile fell onto the sink bumping the handle to the faucet turning the water on. The water in the faucet started the ejector sump pump going until it clear the clog and everything normalized and the water stopped flowing.

How this flood occurred will always remain a mystery and needless to say, I had a huge cleanup and restoration ahead of me so I had to put my writing on hold until I cleaned up and repaired the damage.

The story continues in Part II next week.



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