Sometimes You Need A Break

Sometimes You Need A Break

It is week four of my blog and I have been writing about things that happened to me once I decided to get serious about writing a book and getting it self published.

Unfortunately, it started with a flood that took months to clear up. Writing about it here caused me stress and to slip into a mild depression, because I have to relive the entire experience to write about it. This week I am going to take a break from the flood story and write about depression and the ways to get through it.

Sometimes a change in your physicality is all you need. My husband is a great one for getting me moving. I am always resistant, but never regret, getting up and out and the endorphins associated from such activities. Continue reading Sometimes You Need A Break

My Journey Part III

July 21st 2014

Part III

Friends and Family


My Brother in-law, Frank, lays tile for a living and we had been in contact with him since the situation occurred.

The insurance company got back to us after a nation wide search for the porcelain tile and having found no matches told us that we would have to replace the entire floor. Continue reading My Journey Part III

My Journey Part II

July 14th 2014

Part II


 So there was a big mess to clean up and it looked like a lot of damage so I called my insurance company to find out what I was supposed to do next.

The insurance adjuster arrived two days later while we were in the middle of the clean up. Boxes of wet books sat in the garage expanding from the freezing temperature.

Once books are wet you run the risk of mold growing inside of them, but there are companies that will restore your books. It is very expensive and as I stated previously, I didn’t even know that was even a possibility and by the time the adjuster saw my books in a frozen accordion state, it was too late for them.

Continue reading My Journey Part II

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