My Journey Part II

July 14th 2014

Part II


 So there was a big mess to clean up and it looked like a lot of damage so I called my insurance company to find out what I was supposed to do next.

The insurance adjuster arrived two days later while we were in the middle of the clean up. Boxes of wet books sat in the garage expanding from the freezing temperature.

Once books are wet you run the risk of mold growing inside of them, but there are companies that will restore your books. It is very expensive and as I stated previously, I didn’t even know that was even a possibility and by the time the adjuster saw my books in a frozen accordion state, it was too late for them.

I had to say goodbye to all my complete collections of Norton Anthologies, both English and American Literature and so many others.

The insurance adjuster assessed the damage and assured us that we needed water mitigation experts to test everything for dampness so that we would not have a mold issue in the future.

After finding a mitigation team I set an appointment for the next day.

On the fourth day of cleanup the water mitigation experts arrived and tested the drywall in the basement. Then they had to break up my porcelain floor tile in the first floor bathroom leading into the hall to see if the floorboards underneath were wet.

Day five the test revealed that all the drywall in my basement from floor to about two feet high had to be removed.


Since they broke up the tile in my bathroom and kitchen the insurance company sent out a tile to see if there were any matches to replace the broken tiles.

Day six, the water mitigation team came in with industrial size dehumidifiers, ripped out the wet drywall, trim and moldings in the basement, removed the tile from the laundry room, moved the book shelves and everything to the center of the rooms in the basement and set the dehumidifiers to work. They built plastic walls around the areas in the kitchen and bath and sealed off the basement and ran the dehumidifiers for the next three days.

Needless to say we were put out. Just walking though the house was an ordeal of opening one area and closing it to go to another area.

Three days later on day nine, the team came in and removed the dehumidifiers and the plastic walls with zippered doors.

We signed their paper work giving them a stellar rating as they drove out of sight.

Now came the tough part, finding a contractor to fix all the damage first from the flood, then from the water mitigation experts.

As we surveyed the basement after the mitigation team left we discovered that the dehumidifiers warped our LP’s (vinyl record albums for you kids out there) that were sitting in boxes, melted the footing of figures and placards, as well as warped a few frames to pictures. Word to the wise, if you ever are in this situation; make sure you move all belongings that may melt or warp from the heat of a dehumidifier!

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