Making the Most of Social Media!

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Find the above aforementioned confusing? Read further, all will be explained! 

Twitter, doesn’t work if you are not paying attention to your followers and retweeting their tweets. If your followers do not share your enthusiasm, find followers that will. Stay engaged with those that know how to reciprocate and RECIPROCATE!

If you just keep retweeting your own work without tweeting others’ work, you will not get anywhere.

Be engaged, read the tweets before you retweet and keep your content strong, consistent and cohesive to your brand.

Use #’s:

I have created three hashtags so far. I created them so people that want to engage in the topic can search the # and use the #.

First I created #LikeAnAuthorPage to steer people to my author page. #Likeanauthorpage is a bit long so I abbreviated it to #laap or #lafbp. #Lafbp is Likeafacebookpage. If it catches on and people use the hashtag, then the hashtag will be used to get people to your author page on Facebook creating more traffic to you and your books! Use #LikeAnAuthorPage, #lafbp #Laap and I will retweet and like it of course! I check it daily!

I created #ccrelease for 32 authors around the world that hosted my book release party and the 7,000 attendees, held in November, 2014. If you search the #ccrelease you will see the tweets generated from the book release party.

I just created #ccwriter: This hash tag will be used for all my content in the future. You can also use it if you want me to Retweet your content too. I check it daily.

There are groups that if you use their hashtag, they will retweet your tweets. Just follow them and include their hash tag. @SNRTG #SNRTG Retweeted all of my book release party tweets to their  22,000 followers. They now have 34,700 followers and are growing.

Recently I met, @MisterSalesman who uses the #MRetweetTrain. Bobbie Dixon has created a retweet train with 28 cars. She had 70K followers when I met her three weeks ago and now has 80.7K. Bobbie includes you when you engage and retweet her tweets and I have gained many new followers as a result. You can learn more about her and her books here.

@IARTG, #IARTG is another Tweeter that will retweet your tweets if you include them in your posts.

I have found the best way to work with twitter is to pay attention to my notifications. I follow back all followers unless they are selling followers, are pornographic or seemed to have some sort of political agenda.

If someone retweets my posts then I look over their tweets and post tweets that fit into my agenda, which is reading and writing with a slight dusting of environmental concerns. I don’t just retweet the first thing I see.

To keep your books at the top, create a tweet, then click on the three little dots located at the lower right hand side of your tweet, click pin to top and your most important tweet can be found easily for all your followers to retweet!

@MondayBlogs #MondayBlogs will also retweet your blog if you include them in your tweet about your blog.

Using #amwriting, and #writerplatform will alert people searching those hash tags, just keep it relevant to the content, i.e. use #writerplatform when discussing your writer platform and use #amwriting when discussing writing.

Lastly #FF you can create a post for your most valued twitter followers. You can use this post to introduce your followers to each other as well. Here is an example, I want to help people that helped me the most as of this week that would include:

#FF to all my great followers @mistersalesman, @Devika_Author @woodlingbook, @Nicholas_Rossis, @sparky_town, @cigar150,  @2UFarm, @KaratoliosK…the list goes on.

So it is smart to follow these people, who will follow you back and Retweet your content.

If you have too many for one tweet then make two or three, and as @MrSalesman would say, why wait for Friday, do it everyday! 

It has been a busy year, I have been interviewed and nominated and have received three new reviews for  Electric, The Resolution, Book III, but I can always use more, so keep them coming and thank you so much for your time!

I have to get back to work on, Electric, The Aftermath, Book IV. I hope this helps you understand twitter a little better. If you think I missed something, please feel free to comment.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, make it a great day!

Carly Compass  #ccwriter #amwriting

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