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As promised this is the last sneak peek or Tuesday Teaser before the release of my final book in the series.




The next morning, Gina’s phone was charged, there were several missed calls: Bill, Gene, Detective Casey, Carlotta and Reggie. Reggie had called. Gina’s heart skipped a beat. No, as exciting of a prospect that might be, mustn’t touch, he is bad news. Gina thought as she listened to the messages.

“Just checking in with you Gina. I hope you are well. Give me a call so we can discuss the finer details of the case,” Detective Casey said in his message. Finer details. What am I supposed to do, work against the only people who are helping me?

“Hey babe, what’s going on,” was one of five messages Carlotta left.

There were three, ‘Happy New Year! And: Where are you?’ messages from Bill and Gene.

There was no message from Reggie.

After breakfast and getting the kids out to play dates and Duncan over to the baby sitter next door, Gina was surprised that there weren’t any messages on her home phone answering machine. Where were her friends and Juniors wishing her a Happy New Year or checking in on her to see if she was okay or if she needed anything? The only messages were from Detective Casey asking her to call him. There were no calls from her sisters or her father. None of her family or Brad’s family had called. Well, Brad’s family probably knew from Glenda that she was out-of-town, but as for her family, I guess they’re all worried they might have to help me in some way. Boy when the chips are down. Thank God for Carlotta! If I didn’t have her what would I have done these past few weeks? I would have just sat here in my sorrow, misery and pain. I am so glad I have her! Gina thought as she dialed her number:

“Happy New Year! Where the hell have you been?”

“Happy New Year,” Gina said with a smile, “Where to start?”

“So what happened?”

“I don’t know, a lot!”

“Well, start at the beginning, Reggie took you to New York! Start there.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Aw, come on, you were in New York with Reggie! What happened?”

“I’ll save it for another time.”

“Like hell you will, dish!”

“What can I say? Reggie is a creep!”

“WHAT? Reggie is what?”

“Oh Carlotta, it all came tumbling down,” Gina proceeded to tell her the whole story ending with finding Don in the hotel lobby!

“Oh my God! What a pig! So what did you do with the rest of the week?”

Gina finished up the story of meeting Dick Clark and Utopia. Once she got started on Utopia she wouldn’t stop, but once she exhausted the subject, she finally asked, “and how are you? What did you do for New Year’s Eve?”

“Well, nothing as exciting as going to New York, seeing the ball drop in Time Square and meeting Dick Clark! I can’t believe Don has never taken me to New York!”

“Oh, I am sorry dear…” Gina said despondently and then added, “I have to say, Don is a life saver.”

“So have you heard from Reggie?”

“He actually called me, but he didn’t leave a message.”

“So the two of you are through?”

“Over and done with. What else could I do? I can’t go back to those crazy sex games or whatever you want to call it!”

“No, you are right.”

“Look Carlotta, I just wanted to call and say thank you. When I sit down and think about it, you were the only one that was there for me, and because of you introducing me to Don I am now going to build Utopia! So, thank you, thank you, thank you so very much.”

“Oh, hey, honey. What are friends for?”

“Well I owe you big time. So thank you again.”

“How are the kids doing?”

“I think everyone is good. Aside from having some spoiled milk and rotting food in the refrigerator and a house full of Christmas decorations to take down, the distraction of the Chicago/New York trip did us all good. That is how I will have to look at Reggie. He was just a distraction for me to get through the roughest time in my life. And I think I needed it to be as weird as it was to really snap me out of it and wake me up! That’s just me trying to make the best of it,” Gina said wiping at a tear in the corner of her eye.

“Well, I’m glad. You sound good. Go take care of that rotting food. I think I can smell it through the phone,” Carlotta quipped.

“Okay dear. Thanks again Carlotta, and remember, I am here for you.”

“Okay, we will talk soon,” Carlotta said and disconnected the phone.


Carlotta dialed Don to give him a piece of her mind.


Gina dial Detective Casey:

“Detective Casey.”

“Hi Detective Casey, it’s me, Gina. How are you?”

“Fine, but where have you been?”

“Long story, but I am home now.”

“I have a meeting with Agent Charles on Monday, January 5th.”

“Really, have you found more on that website?”

“No, but they are using proxy servers. They jump from one to another so that you can’t find the exact IP address.”

“So the website is still up?”

“I haven’t found it, but that is what I am going to talk to Agent Charles about.”

“Okay. Keep me posted.”

“Seriously Gina, where have you been for the past week.”

“I just had a little trip to New York. I lost my cell phone so I wasn’t able to get messages or call anyone.”

“What were you doing in New York?”

“Just celebrating New Year’s Eve.”

“Did you bring the kids?”

“No, I went by myself.”

“How did you get there?”

“I’ll save it for another time. Right now I have to take advantage of a kid free zone and do some house work.”

“I feel you are not being straight with me Gina. You know you are in danger dealing with these people!”

“To tell you the truth, I am so grateful for the distraction. I have plans to build this health club and Don is going to finance it.”

“You can’t be serious, Gina! This man has been voyeuristically watching you for over a year, sending the images out onto the Internet, and you are going to go into business with him?”

“What else am I supposed to do Detective Casey? I have to come up with an income source to raise my children. At least Don is helping me.”

“Helping you? He is exposing you.”

“I still don’t know anything about that. I haven’t seen any proof of it.”

“I am not lying to you. How would I have known all those things that transpired at Carlotta’s condo if I wasn’t watching it.”

“I don’t know detective. I don’t doubt the Carlotta has her every move documented on the Internet. But that doesn’t mean Don has anything to do with it. All I know is that for the first time in my life someone is listening to me. Someone is listening and hearing me and actually going to do something about it. I have a shot at something here and I have to take my chances.”

“I’m here to protect you Gina and you are taking unnecessary risks.”

“I appreciate that you think you are trying to help me, but I need to follow this through. I really need to get off the phone. I was just returning your calls. I don’t even know what to think of all of this.”

“Okay, Gina. Mark my words, you are messing with the wrong group of people.”

“I will take that under advisement, but I really must be going. Thanks for your help and let me know how things go with your meeting on Monday.”

“Okay,” Detective Casey said dejectedly as Gina disconnected the call.

Oh my God. Why does this man think he can stick his nose into my business? I don’t even think there is a case here. Gina thought, as she got up to clean out the refrigerator. Mr. Vladimir bugged my house. He was watching me. Don or whoever picked up on the wireless feed and sent it out to a website with a million subscribers. So then millions of people were watching my family, according to Detective Casey, but were they? Where is the proof of any of this? In the mean time, Don is helping me to build Utopia, a dream that I have always wanted to see come to fruition and Detective Casey is just offering me trouble with a capital T. No, I will not have it. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, Gina chided as she sealed the garbage bag and took it out to the can. How do I know I can trust Detective Casey? Maybe he is the one who is after something. Well he is not going to get it from me that is for damn sure. He is a small-minded loser. He doesn’t have the connections or the potential that Don has, I am going to have to separate myself from him. Gina thought as she continued the mad rampage to get the house in order.

Gina gathered, sorted and started the laundry, made a grocery list and went to the supermarket. As she was rounding the aisle her cart bumped into another cart. The jolt of the collision caused her to look up  at Tonya Vladimir!

“Hello Gina,” Tonya said with venom in her voice.

“Hello,” Gina said and lowered her eyes.

“Isn’t it funny running into you here. Is there another husband that you wish to steal lurking around the next corner?” Tonya asked, looking around dramatically.

At that point Gina had the realization that Tonya was suffering the loss of her husband too, even though they were separated. “I’m sorry for your loss,” Gina replied trying to steer her cart away from the entanglement.

“Are you now? BITCH!”

“There is no need to take that tone,” Gina said noticing the other shoppers taking a keen interest, as she pushed her cart at a hurried pace.

“They’re going to get you Gina. They’re going to get you for the murder of your husband and mine! Mark my words you conniving cunt!” Tonya shouted through the store.

Gina didn’t dare reply, but was shocked by the assault. That woman has lost her fucking mind. Gina thought ignoring the onlookers as she quickly grabbed anything, just so the kids would have fresh food in the house to be able to function for the next few days.

It was obvious that the cashiers, baggers and stock personnel all had some opinions about Gina. She felt the sneers and heard the whispered snickers as the warmth rose to her cheeks in flushed embarrassment. She longed to get the hell out of there. Maybe she should consider moving out of Riverdale all together. These people were unforgiving, and who knew what they actually thought. It was none of their business, but since when did that stop anyone. She was mourning her husband. She was mourning the death of her husband, the father of her children. What did they know about it? Furthermore why would they make it their business? Gina made quick work of shopping and retreated to her home. She was so glad the children weren’t with her to witness that scene at the grocery store.

She went about the robotic routine of doing the laundry, making dinner and feeding the kids. Saturday was done and when she got everyone to bed she settled into her own bed and felt completely alone.


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