It Is Starting to Get Real!

unnamed-3Casey Harvell was so kind to add this beautiful script to an image that I created for a possible book cover, but there are more:



I met Casey Harvell, Author of Doesn’t Play Well With Others et. al. , a few weeks ago and she has been an amazing ally, first interviewing me. She introduced me to a host of other great people and authors and kindly helped me with my covers. No one is a success on their own. It takes the kindness, support and generosity of others to help each other rise!

I developed my two sentence synopsis, but it still needs work:

As a survivor of sexual abuse and child neglect, Gina Parrot wanted to leave her past behind and live the American dream of raising a family, since she didn’t have one growing up. She was living her dream until her new employer had other ideas; will Gina be able to hold on to her dream?

Prologue and teaser to my novel, Electric:


Gina sat despondent, disheveled and disillusioned wondering what she could have done differently? How did this happen and over such a short period of time?

Was she to blame? Did she ignore the signs? Now, two people whom she loved very much were gone, lost forever. Dead.

She poured over the letters. One line stood out to her: “In my mind and heart you will always be with me, and I will carry this into the next life.”

Did he hope to have some sort of relationship in the afterlife? Is that why all of this happened? She should have known from that first day she met him. She had a vision, why didn’t she take it as an omen and just walk away?

Now, all the signs were clear. Hindsight is 20/20. Gina’s mind drifted back to that first day…

 Chapter I

Chance Encounter

 The parking lot was dark and desolate as Patty and Gina stepped down the stairs of the old loading dock in the back of the building. The evening was hot and humid as they both tried to adjust to the climate change having just left the air-conditioning. “I wonder how the ducks are doing?” Gina asked, thinking how nature was all but pushed aside leaving this poor mother duck to make a nest behind the dumpster in the parking lot. It was neither clean nor sanitary, no place to raise ducklings, so dark and dangerous. Just then a van whizzed up nearly hitting them! Gina grabbed Patty’s arm to pull her back from the van’s path.

The driver rolled down his window two inches from were the two shocked women stood and said with a flirtatious undertone, “Good Evening Ladies, did you just get off work?”

Patty, the 22-year-old Brunette Russian equivalent of Farrah Fawcett, smiled exposing her perfect pearly whites. Her brunette hair glistened in the phosphorescent light that beamed down from the electric pole that doubled for telephone lines not ten feet away. She tilted her head and gently brushed her hair away from her soft tawny complexion widening her pale green eyes as she added an uneasy giggle and said, “Yeah, we’re just heading home.”

And now I have my schedule for publishing:

I am having a cover release party on October 1st for my novel, Electric, The Beginning, Book 1,  that will later be released to the public on October 16th which just happens to be my birthday. I am recruiting a Street Team for my cover release party. Street Team members will get a free download of Book 1, and will need to read it by October 16th and write a review on Amazon. Contact me via email if you are interested in becoming a member of my Street Team. Electric, The Consummation, Book II will be released on October 23rd and finally, Electric, The Resolution, Book III will be released on October 30th!

 Here are my characters: 

Gina Parrot (The protagonist) is your average woman just trying to live her life and be happy raising her family.


I chose, Nicole Curtis – DIY – Rehab Addict for Gina, the protagonist. She is spunky, full of energy and gets the job done! 

d20fcd0dc4331894fa85d26baf4ee17fA young Van Morrison …is how I see Gina’s husband Brad, a hard working man who is not much of a conversationalist. He’s too busy getting thing done to talk about them!


Jonathan Goldsmith, (The Most Interesting Man In the World) is Mikhail Vladimir, the antagonist stalking poor Gina! When he wants something he will stop at nothing to get it!


I chose Latoya Jackson as Carlotta, Gina’s childhood friend turned stripper, whom suffers from Body Dysmorphic disorder, having plastic surgery has become her obsession. The question is why? And is she really Gina’s friend in the end?

When Gina and Mikhail meet it is Electric!


There are a host of other characters in my novel that will enhance the story line!

Now my job is to create a three dimensional book cover, finish editing, and figure out how to format the book for final download onto Amazon.

Feel free to leave comments. I appreciate the feedback and will keep you abreast of my progress in the comings weeks.

Thank you all for your time, attention and support! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you!

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