Extolling The Virtues of Pinterest!

I love Pinterest for so many reasons. You can use Pinterest as an Illustrated Discover Journal, or some people call them vision boards. You can use it as a learning tool to discover our vast universe, our deep oceans or for crystals and rocks found deep within our earth’s core, travel the world and visit lands you have never seen before, from beautiful landscapes in nature to everything under the sun. Pinterest is also great as a marketing tool to guide people to your blog, book, or merchandise. The possibilities are endless.

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This post is two fold, as there is an interest for purely pleasure and also one for marketing. If you want to skip to marketing then scroll down to the heading clearly marked MARKETING

If you are not comfortable having the public view your pictures that you collect on Pinterest you can create a private board for your eyes only or you can invite a select few to see your collection.

In her book, Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, Sarah Ban Breathnach, discusses creating an Illustrated Discovery Journal, on January 28th. Since the book was first published in 1995 a lot has changed.  She suggested that you  buy a large scrap book and hoard magazines so that you can  cut out  the pictures and use rubber cement to past them in your Illustrated Discover Journal. The idea is that you collect the pictures that you are most attracted to so that you can get back in touch with who you are or your authentic self. This is a great tool for self discovery.

Other authors suggest creating vision boards of all the things you want to acquire to reach your goals, to make dreams come true.

With Pinterest there is no need for all that cutting and glue, now all you need do is create a board and start collecting whatever you desire, whether you are trying to get in touch with your authentic self or you are looking to set goals for your future. I find Pinterest is a great stress reliever. It is fun to run through the pictures and learn new things and get in touch with other people that have the same tastes or hobbies.

I created 39 boards in the past year and never knew how much I loved Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I have discovered some awesome recipes and placed them on my food board.

I can’t forget to mention gardening, flowers, and fashion. The thing to remember here is that there are no rules. So you can just have fun. I have even come up with a tag line:

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But enough about the fun and creative side. Let’s get down to business and the business of marketing with Pinterest.


We are visual creatures and are attracted to visual art form. I try to create and include nice pictures on all of my blog posts so that I can pin them on Pinterest. You might notice that many pictures on Pinterest are connected to blogs. If you are on a desk top and look to the top right of this blog you will see social media buttons. These buttons take people out to all of my social media pages. At the bottom of each post you will see social share buttons. If you click on the Pinterest social share, it will give you options of which picture you would like to post.

My best blog post entitled, Living In The Attitude Of Gratitude was my best Pinterest share, my readers shared the pin 100 times!   Pinterest gets you more exposure and new readers or customers depending on your goal.

Pinterest is another avenue to have your blog, books or merchandise seen, thereby driving more traffic to your site and increasing your sales.

Of the 39 boards that I have created, I have one for my novelwriting, and emotions. I created these boards to collect quotes and then post pictures from my blogs on them, so that my followers can link to my blog.

Recently, a friend, Graham Watkins,  asked me about Pinterest and mentioned in one of his posts that he didn’t have time to pin pictures. He is the inspiration for this post. As I thought of trying to explain all of this to him, I thought, better to blog about it so that if I am faced with this question again, I can send them to my post, rather than explain it all.

I just finished reading Graham’s book, Welsh Legends and Myths: 80 Myths and Legends from across Wales [Kindle Edition] and it reminded me of my love of Castles. Of course I have a board on Pinterest for Castles and I thought this is the perfect place to post his book, because anyone who loves Castles would also enjoy his book. See if you can find his book on my board entitled Castles?

You will notice that Amazon uses a Pinterest social share button on their site as well. If you like a book cover, you can add it to your boards. I hope you have found this post informative and useful. I would love it, if you can show your love, by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and of course Pinterest using the buttons below.


May your days be filled with love and laughter.


May your nights be filled with warmth and joy.


Keep warm until we meet again!


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I would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment in the comment box provided below. Make it a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Extolling The Virtues of Pinterest!”

  1. Finding what you love and loving what you do is the ultimate expression in life. I have found many pictures and blogs stimulating and so sometimes when you least expect it, inspiration slips in and takes hold! Thank you Devika Fernando, for your continued support!

  2. I was looking forward to this post! 🙂 Well written, once again. I love that quote! I always resort to browsing pictures when I’m stressed too, so I can relate. I agree that Pinterest can be useful for authors because they share their inspirations and make their books come alive with the pinned photos.
    My only problem is that I always lose myself in its picture worlds and don’t get enough writing done then… 😉

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