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Erin Andrews $75 Million dollar Lawsuit:


First I would like to say how sorry I am that Erin Andrews has to go through this terrible ordeal.

It does speak volumes though, to Electric, The Aftermath, Book 4. Many of my readers cited that Gina seemed to go through a personality change from the previous three books, some citing that it was the mourning process, but as we watch Erin Andrew’s lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott Hotel we can see the devastating effects that this can have on an individual.

Erin was stalked and her privacy was violated exponentially by it being posted on the internet. Erin’s court case is different because people accused her of blasting her nude video on the internet as a publicity stunt, which is not the case. Not only was Erin Andrew’s violated, but now she is left to defend herself by proving that she did not post this video for publicity sake adding insult to injury.

When I wrote The Electric Series, I had no idea how relevant the story would be with both stalkers and unauthorized video taping of individuals being a real and constant threat in today’s society.

I am currently writing book 5 due out at the end of April working to find solutions to the problem. It is time that we stop victimizing the victims and create a dialogue and clear understanding that this behavior is not okay and will not be tolerated.

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    1. Thank you Devika. I don’t know if you know the whole story, but this stalker was able to get a room next to hers. Erin Andrews is a sports caster and announcer on Dancing with the Stars. She is a beautiful and wholesome woman. This man was stalking her. Got a room next to her’s, removed the peep hole and filmed her through that peep hole! Then he posted it on the internet. Once it is on the internet there is no way to remove it completely as people have downloaded to their computers, cell phones, iPads etc… I really appreciate you continued support as I bring this saga to a close…Have an awesome day.

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