Dysfunctional Family Day

Imagine for a moment that you are eighteen years old.

What did you look like? How did it feel? Did you have more energy? Did you have a different outlook on life? What were you thinking and what was important to you at that age?

Now imagine you are with the one and only. That member of the opposite sex that you have been waiting for, for the last three years. Yes, they were older than you, but now you are legal. Now, you are an adult and not some lost teenager…Now imagine further still, that they have invited you to attend a wedding and you are seated at the back of the church as your date starts to narrate….

“That’s my aunt and uncle up there, see in the second pew?”

“Yes, with the silver hair?”

“Yes, that’s my aunt and her husband is right next to her. They own a restaurant downtown, Beaumont’s, it used to be my grandmothers before she retired.”

“I’ve heard of Beaumont’s, but I didn’t know you were related to the family.” You say, trying to hide your enthusiasm and sheer excitement to be involved with such a prominent family in Chicago.

 “Yes, my grandmother is sitting right next to them and their three children. Joanne is getting married next month.”

You sit back and take in the scene. Everyone is in their Sunday best, dressed to the hilt. Now you are imagining that you could be a part of this. Your date doesn’t realize that your family does’t own restaurants or have big weddings like the one you are about to witness. Heck, your family does’t even attend church and has TV dinners for a Thanksgiving day feast!

“How many people are going to attend this wedding?” You ask as the church starts to fill with people and the din of delightful conversation.

“500 easy! They won’t all come to the church here, but they will show up at the reception later. It’s being held at the Starlight! Look there’s my aunt. Mother of the bride.”

Your gaze follows back to the entrance until you see her. A tall ostentatious figure wearing a large  brimmed black hat with netting  covering her rather glamorous face.  Her floor length skin tight sequined evening gown shimmers as she sashays down the isle with a nervous usher in a white tuxedo. “She just got out of the hospital. She had a nervous breakdown after her divorce and now spends her time in and out of treatment.”

“Oh!” You say, stunned thinking that she doesn’t look like the type and surprised at your intended’s admission. “Is that your mother or father’s sister.”

“My father’s, my mother’s family is all in Poland. Look there’s the bride’s father. He’s had been married three times. He is also my Godfather.”

“I wonder if all his wives are invited to the wedding. They are, after all, like step mothers to the bride, right?”

“My mom and dad just arrived, they brought my sisters, Brenda and Ellen along. You will meet them later.”

Yes, you think to yourself, this is alright. You can imagine being a part of this family as the organ music starts to play and everyone settles in their seat to Ava Maria, The 12 bridesmaids enter the sanctum in their rainbow taffeta along with their bridegrooms handsomely dressed in tuxedos as they take their places at the head of the church encompassing the alter. After a brief pause, the organ plays out that classic song, Here Comes the Bride.  As the groom takes his place at the front alter of the church the guests turn to the back to see the stunning bride!

Now, Flash forward 12 years into the future and get your #freedownload to see how this story plays out…

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I thought you might like to take a little break from your dysfunctional families and peak in on someone else’s dysfunction for a change. Get a birds eye view with the realization that you are not alone and enjoy a story with both heart and soul peppered with some good humor and a sprinkling of reality.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am grateful for my readers and wish you all an abundantly happy holiday season!

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4 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Family Day”

  1. Growing up in a dysfunctional can be tough. It is even tougher when you have two dysfunctional families with stepparents. I had an evil stepmom and a parade of clowns for stepdads. I always tried to think of ways to get rid of my stepmom but I never acted on any of my plans. I found that it was therapeutic to write stories that would lampoon them. I have a new story called My Psycho Family! It is free if you have a Kindle and Amazon Prime. I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Hey Roy Wells: Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, but a read a bit of your book and look forward to finishing it when I have time. Right now I am feverishly trying to get book 6 out and have a queue of books to read after that, but I will add you to my queue on Goodreads and should get to it in a few months. Until then, Happy Holidays and thank you for tuning in.

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