Don’t discount Google +

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I have heard over the years that Google + is for the employees of Google. When I am on Google I can almost hear the wind of a vast wasteland, half expecting a random tumble weed to come rolling by, but recently I have learned a few things that I would like to share with you.

First, you must have a gmail account in order to have a google + profile. Once that is established you can post, share your blog and like other peoples’ posts similar to Facebook.

Google + has you categorize people into groups: Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Following. I have 76 followers and I put them in Friends, Following and Acquaintances.

I haven’t quite figured it all out just yet. I have tried to message people and ask them questions, but I never get a reply. So, I just post my blog on there and that is about all I do. 76 people have me in their circles and I have 161 in my circles.

If you are on a desktop, you will see the buttons at the top righthand side of the page that will bring you to my Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google pages. If you are on a phone, then you will have to scroll way down to the bottom to see these buttons. If you click the Google button, you can look at my google+ profile. Please feel free to connect with me there by clicking here.

While doing research for my latest book, Electric, The Aftermath, Book IV, I decided to pick up a Nora Roberts book, since I had never read this New York Times best selling author. At the library I  grabbed a book at random from the huge selection, that has a paranormal theme, the second book, of the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy.  The book read well as a stand alone and had me curious enough to take out the next and final book in the series.

While in the middle of the third book, I was curious about Nora Roberts and decided to do a google search on her to see what I could learn about this prolific author.

Now I don’t know if you ever googled yourself to see where you stand in the grand scheme of internet searches, but I have. Before I developed my writer platform there was not much out there. Today, one year later, I can boast that I have almost two complete pages before it starts to get bogged down with taking parts of my name and mixing it with other parts to form different categories or searches.

Imagine my surprise when I googled Nora Roberts and found my dear friend Devika Fernando on the bottom of the first page containing a blurb about Nora Roberts that she posted on Google +  in August, 2014. I was amazed at the first page placement, considering that Nora Roberts has published over 200 books in her name and about 30 more under a pseudonym. This caused me to investigate.

Devika Fernando started building her writer’s platform about six months before I did and when I met her a year ago I couldn’t find her anywhere online because she has a very popular name. But one year later when I searched for her on Google she has 12 pages of articles, books, reviews, interviews etc!

Devika Fernando published her first book in February of 2014, When I See Your Face.  And since then has published Playing with Fire and Kaleidoscope of Hope and co-authored a book with Mike Wells, Forbidden with her newest book coming out on March 4th, Saved In Sri Lanka.

When I looked at her google profile I found that she had increased from about 100 to close to 3,000 followers and 20,000 views. To me this signifies that google + is very important for your worldwide reach in conjunction to posting blogs, doing interviews, writing reviews and interviewing others.

So don’t discount Google + while developing your writers platform.

Congratulations Devika Fernando for growing leaps and bounds in the past year. I can’t wait to read her latest release, Saved In Sri Lanka and hope to one day be as prolific.

In the mean time please feel free to follow me on Google +, I will definitely follow you back and add you to my circles. Until then, Make it a great day!


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4 thoughts on “Don’t discount Google +”

  1. Thanks for the interesting post, Carly! Actually, I have made more “real” friendships on G+ than on Facebook or Twitter. Indeed, the only social medium I’ve used so far is my blog.

    Also, Google promotes G+ in another way: if you post on G+ a link to, say, a blog post on fiction, this is taken into account when people search Google for that subject. Indeed, in my experience, you may have to post 10 times as many links on Facebook before you get the same traction you do with a single G+ post.

    G+ – “Not just for tumble weeds!” 😀

    1. Thank you Nicholas for taking the time to comment here with such valuable advice. I definitely need to work on building connections with more people on google +.

  2. Google and all its ‘entities’ really are a huge topic, and sometimes they’re great for surprises. 🙂 Nice post and advice, Carly. Thank you so much for mentioning me, I feel honoured.

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