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New Release

Greetings All and A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you.

I spent 2017 doing research and writing my new series, About Life, About Love and About Family.

I am happy to announce that, About Life, is now live on Amazon and Smashwords for iBook, Nook et. al and available for sale.

About Love, will be released January 27, 2018.

About Family will be release, February 17, 2018!

Book covers are at the end of the post.

Book description for, About Life:

From the author of, The Electric Series, Carly Compass, has compiled a collection of short stories and poems about life. The Fortune Cookie is a modern-day nod to the murder/mystery writer, Agatha Christie. Seven willing participants win an all expense paid trip for a cruise off of the coast of California, but who is paying for this trip and why? The second story, Mind Over Matter, is an account of the birth experience and how the mind can heal the body. The third installment, The Unexpected Guest, is a tale about religion, neighbors and misunderstandings. The fourth story, Pharmacy, takes the reader into a world of thieves, drugs and money. The fifth story, The Dress Shop, is a tale of suspense and intrigue with dirty cops and wily characters. The sixth story, A loaf of Bread, tells an Iranian immigrant’s story of, coming to America. The seventh story, 25 years of marriage, is a stunning tale of the love and sacrifice of a 25-year marriage. And the final story, Suitcases of Apollonia, is a Bosnian refugee story. This collection of prose and poetry has something for everyone, with a central theme of resiliency.

And as promised an excerpt from the book:

The Fortune Cookie

Jane spotted the TMZ reporter waiting outside her house when she was about to leave. Will they never let up! She thought as she decided to confront them and get it over with once and for all.”Mrs. Franken!” The reporter called out.

“Yes.” Jane shouted back, as she pushed the button on her key ring to unlock the Subaru in the driveway.

“I just have a few questions.”

“You always do,” Jane said walking at a brisk pace as the reporter and cameraman rushed up to her on the driveway.

“Have you spoken with Miles?”

“As I stated on numerous occasions. We fostered Miles from the age of 12 to 18. When he graduated from Merriville High School he never looked back. We haven’t spoken to Miles in close to four years.”

“So, you’re not on speaking terms?”

“No!” Jane said as she slammed the door on her SUV, started the engine and pulled out of the driveway onto the side street of her modest home in Indiana.


Miles Westfield was a bit of an anomaly, raised in the foster care system from the age of 12, he gained attention and admiration in Merriville High School for his writing and producing 15 award-winning screenplays by the age of 17. This accomplishment generated attention of business executives at CBC talent agency in Hollywood, California who worked feverishly to get him hooked up with the studio executives for a 10% commission!

 After signing with Atlanta Studios, Miles achieved great success writing two number one television sitcoms, “She is Alright” for CBS and “Don’t Change a Thing” for Cinemax while attending college at Stardom University in Orange County! There was no doubt in the minds of studio executives that Miles Westfield was an up and coming boy genius.

His book, Party on Bart, became a New York Times Best seller, the first week it was published in 2015, right after he graduated college. He gained notoriety, fame and fortune for his accomplishments.

 Because of his flawless reputation as a producer, Paramount Pictures paid $2.5 million dollars for his screenplay, “Another Brother, Another Mother” that was currently in production.

There was no doubt that Miles was a rising star with a bright future. He achieved monumental success and status in his 24 years! Every up and coming college student and seasoned professional wanted to hitch a ride on this rising star for his phenomenal talent as a drama/comedy screenwriter.

Encore Studios hired him to write and produce a new reality television show with a $15 million dollar, budget.

Miles Westfield could do no wrong in the eyes of the studio executives, and it had gotten to his head as dreams of fame and grandeur grew to catastrophic proportions. With great privilege comes responsibility, but because Miles was so trusted, he had free rein on all of his projects.  No one needed to handhold him; he was a self-starter with amazing time management skills.


July 17th, 2017, Miles sat at the control panel at Encore Studios putting the finishing touches on his new reality television series, “The Fortune Cookie” when Trenton, his 19-year old college intern, joined him in the screening room.

“I can’t believe today’s the day!” Trenton said excitedly.

“Well it is! Finally, after a year of work, we’re about to get this party started.” Miles mused excitedly, as they looked at 16 monitors in the sound booth.


47-year-old, Thaddeus, exited the cab and approached his Fifth Avenue office building, in New York, wearing a silk blend suit, when a sharp dressed young man accompanied by a cameraman, approached him at the front campus of the structure. “Thaddeus Martinson?”


“I was just coming up to your office. I’m so glad I caught you. My name is Frank Stanford,” he said extending his hand in greeting. “I’ve been hired by ARG Resources. You have gotten the attention of the head honchos on Wall Street,” He continued smiling broadly. “You have been invited, for an all expenses paid trip to California, to attend, ‘Unleash the Power Within,” Seminar!”

Thaddeus was apprehensive as he listened over the hustle and bustle of the Manhattan Street, looking over to the cameraman; self-conscious, Thaddeus stood a little straighter and taller.

“We have taken care of everything for you, but you have to leave with me right now if you are going to make your flight.” Frank said pointing to the limousine double-parked on the street.

“Where is this taking place?” Thaddeus asked stunned and thinking, I still have three reports to finish before our quarterly meeting.

“On a yacht off the sunny California Coast near Catalina.”

Thaddeus raised his hand to his unshaven face and bristled the whiskers, as his thick blonde hair blew in the breeze and asked, ‘Tony Robbins?” Very aware of the camera angle, he quickly dropped his hand down to his side.

“Right you are!”

“Who will be attending?”

“Every up and coming Wolf of Wall Street.” Frank said and gently nudged Thaddeus’s elbow to lead him to the waiting limousine.

“Well okay then,” Thaddeus replied with a chuckle, thinking: I need a new deal quick! This is the break I’ve been looking for; it is only a matter of days before I go down like Madoff. I can feel the wheels of fortune smiling down on me, and I simply have nothing left to lose! He threw his shoulders back and walked proudly with Frank to the stretch limousine double-parked on the bustling street.


52-year-old, Nadia Narcette, stumbled through her Florida ranch trying to reach the incessant doorbell that woke her from a stupor in the back of the house as the dogs barked and the bird cawed. “Hold your horses! Hold your horses! I’m coming,” She yelled as she stubbed her toe on a pile of trash that was strewn in the hallway. “Mother of God!” She shouted as she grabbed her toe. “Holy hell, what can be so damn urgent!” She shouted as the doorbell continued. Shaking her foot, she patted down her unruly hair and pulled the silken robe tightly around her anorexic frame and proceeded through her hoarder house to the front door, which hadn’t been opened in months. “Calm down! I’m coming.” Nadia said, as she pushed debris out of the way to open the door a crack to reveal a handsome young man wearing a pinstriped suit. “What in God blazes do you want? You’re not a Jehovah’s Witness, are you?”

“No, I can assure you I am not. I am looking for, Nadia Narcette?”

“Yes. Well, what in the world do you want?”

The young man was taken aback by her appearance and the shabby conditions of her house and said, “My name is Frank Canton and I am here to tell you that you have won an all expense paid trip to California, from a secret admirer.”

“What in the Sam Hill are you talking about?”

“Someone from your past has sought you out and is whisking you away to California for a one week cruise. The Yacht is docked in Marina Del Rey. But your flight leaves in an hour, so you have to come with me now.”

Nadia looked down at herself. She hadn’t bathed in days and she was so hung over that she couldn’t even think straight.

“Go quickly and get dressed. I will explain more on our way to the airport,” he said standing to the side, revealing a limousine in the driveway and a cameraman to his left.

Stunned and shocked, she yelled, “Okay! Okay! Just give me a minute,” and slammed the door shut and locked it tight. Panicked, Nadia looked around her trash-strewn house! Who could it be? Nadia wondered. She met many rich men during all the 25 years she had been a stripper up and down the state of Florida. She figured she was forgotten by all of them as she walked carefully back to her bedroom that was piled to the ceiling with stuff and wondered what she should wear.

She took off her clothes and grabbed a bottle of witch hazel and proceeded to rinse her body down with it. The water had been shut off six months ago and she had been using a bucket as a toilet. Her house was in foreclosure, so she had nothing to lose. She grabbed an old shirt from the floor and poured the witch hazel over it and wiped out her armpits and crotch.

Her two dogs continued yipping as she shouted, “Settle down!” She pinned her hair down, put a net over it to hold her nappy hair in place, and placed her best wig over it, adjusting it to sit right. I really don’t care who it is, as long as I can get out of this hell hole, she thought as reached for her dusty old Channel black suit hanging from a nail on the wall. She shook it out and put it on.

All of the beautiful things she had acquired during her stripper days, that had made stripping seem worth it, were now buried under a sea of trash that had essentially been ruined by neglect. She fished out her best Christian Louboutin black pumps, grabbed her black quilted Coach purse and shoved her cosmetic bag in and went to the back door.

She released her two dogs, three cats and Macaw into the back yard saying, “Good luck fellows. Maybe I’ll see you when I get back? If I get back!” She locked the door, threw her keys in her purse, and pulled out her bottle of Channel Number 5 and spritzed herself from head to toe. She replaced the perfume and pulled out her Jackie O, dark sunglasses, before walking around the house and through the gangway to meet her mysterious handsome prince in the driveway.

“Here, I am! So sorry to have kept you waiting,” Nadia said in a long drawn out southern drawl as the stunned driver couldn’t help but react to the transformation.

“Your chariot awaits,” he said with a bow.

“I am so excited to find out what this is all about,” she said smiling to the camera.

“We must leave now. We’re running late. I don’t want you to miss your flight,” Frank said, as he closed the door of the limo and proceeded to get into the driver’s seat.

Nadia looked down at her ashen legs in horror and proceeded to rub them in an effort to remove the dead skin as the car backed out of the driveway.

She took off her sunglasses and fussed with her makeup and asked, “What can you tell me about my secret admirer?”

“I work for a limousine service and I’m instructed to tell you to look for your driver when you deplane at the John Wayne Airport in Newport Beach. In approximately six hours.”

“It’s all so mysterious and exciting!” Nadia said and thought, finally my prince has come. “But why was there a cameraman?”

“Just to record the momentous event, I imagine,” Frank said, unsure himself. With a deep sigh of relief, she sat back and enjoyed the rest of the ride to the airport.


56-year-old Sally, sat praying in the foyer of her Baptist church in Chicago. She was patiently waiting to speak to pastor John about job placement, when a modestly dressed woman walked in and asked, “Sally Trivalous?”

“Yes,” Sally said and rose to greet the woman.

end of excerpt

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About Love, is due for release, January 27th, 2018!

About Family will be released February 17th, 2018!

Be on the look out: I will be Spotlighted on Christy Kate McKenzie’s blog, Pink Heart Society, for the month of March!

Rituals Lost, A Pagan/Wiccan tale, Books 1, 2, and 3, will be coming out, June 2018.

A side note: While doing my genealogy after my cousin’s death, I met cousins in New Zealand who have invited me to a 90th birthday party in July. It is my hope to be able to go to New Zealand, Australia and make a quick stop in Sri Lanka on the way back. Funny thing is I think it is winter in New Zealand in July and monsoon season in Sri Lanka…I have to check with my good friend and author, Devika Fernando, who just opened a bed and breakfast in Sri Lanka to make sure, since I will be staying at her place if all goes well!

I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Reading! I read forty books in 2017.

How many do you plan on reading in 2018?