Back To the Future II Day!


I originally wrote this post a year ago to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the movie, Back to the Future II, but now the day has arrived and in case you missed it here are some developments:

Some things have changed over the past year since I published this post: The hover board is actually here! That is absolutely amazing that we should see it in our life time…and within the parameters of the Back to the Future franchise.

To learn more about the Lexus Hover Board, Check it here

Another amazing development in the movie, Back to the Future II, is the Chicago Cubs baseball team winning the world series! They have not won a Division Playoff since 1909 and we were all thrilled when that happened…it gave us Chicago Cub fans something to hope for…but tonight if the Cubs don’t win then they are out of the World Series altogether. Zemickis predicted that they will “Win the series in 5,” against Miami. Although Miami isn’t in the world series…tonight’s game will determine if the Cubs even have a chance to be in the  World series at all. If the Cubs lose tonight it is all over.  Everyone, say a prayer, keep your fingers crossed or what ever other superstition has worked for you in the past to help this team win tonight’s game.

This post will also serve to let my readers know that Electric, Book V will not be released on October 31st, 2015 as originally planned. Please stay tuned for further updates on my new release. In the meantime let’s get people reading Books 1-4, which are available here. Please help spread the word.

Here is the original post and thank you for your patience.

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