Happy New Year! Resolve…

As the New Year approaches we all make resolutions. I thought I would share mine here with you. Think about the things you want to change in your life. Think of ways to make it better, so that you are more productive, organized and at peace with yourself in the coming year.

Write a letter to yourself that entails all your hopes and dreams for the coming year as if they already happened. Seal the envelope and pack it away with the holiday decorations to be opened next year. If you don’t have decorations to pack, then put it somewhere, where you will remember to find it next year so you can open it up and read it. I hope all you hopes and dreams come true in the following year!

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The Setting Is As Important as the Characters In Your Novel

Many of my readers have asked me how closely related the character Gina, in my novel series Electric, is to me and my own experience?

That is a complicated question as many authors tend to use their own life experience in their work to give it a strong sense of believability. If a writer is not using something they know well, it requires a great amount of research in order to give a true sense of any environment.

In my short story Huffing found on Wattpad, I researched the setting as I had never been to Canada or to the Kashechewan Nation Reservation in Ontario. I had to research the area to give it a sense of realism. Continue reading The Setting Is As Important as the Characters In Your Novel