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Thanksgiving is just two days away and I am sure you are all busy preparing your feast.

I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I know that I am thankful for all of you, my readers and for family and friends to gather around together this time of year.

It has been a rough year for us as my niece died on May 25th of a mysterious genetic disorder that her sister has now been diagnosed with. So prayers out to Katie, now that they know what they are dealing with she has a much better chance than her sister did. Please keep her and her two little daughters, Sammy and Amelia in your prayers.

My mother-in-law is still on a swift decline with Alzheimers disease. There is no easy way to deal with this disease and so prayers and patiences is all one can offer and have to give with this challenging illness.

Most recently my son’s cat has taken a turn for the worse. I try to imagine myself at his age, 31! I had four young children to raise and keep safe. Sadly, I never could have done it in today’s economy, but somehow I survived.

My son has three cats to support and he has done well for the past ten years. Here is how the story began:

It was a cold blustery day in 2007 when my son saw a young woman feeding a cat some dry dog food while he was out on his route delivering pizzas. There was a foot of snow on the ground and the temperature was freezing. He asked the woman if it was her cat and she said no, citing that there was a litter of kittens born a few months ago and she thought this cat might be the sole survivor. My son’s heart melted and he asked the woman if she would mind if he took the cat? She was very happy to see the poor kitten find a home! My son took the cat in and nursed it to health.

One warm spring day as fate would have it, the cat, Pickles as he named her, escaped the confines of his apartment and came back a day later with a little surprise.  Pickles revealed on my son’s birthday, 6/25/2007, a litter of four kittens!

My son gave one of the kittens to his friend Eva, named Ruby-Relish (who created the go-fund-me-page) and one he gave to me, named Flower-Chaps. The name Flower comes from the movie, Bambi, in the scene where Bambi is learning to speak and calls the skunk, flower.  Chaps looks a little like a skunk with a white strip in the middle of his black fur back.

img_2155 img_2154

My son kept two cats, Butters and Big Ray with their mother, Pickles. He got them all fixed, to eliminate future surprises, but now Big Ray is sick and needs some help! Big Ray is currently at the vet hospital on an intravenous antibiotic drip. I want to thank everyone who has helped already, your donations are greatly appreciated. Big Ray has almost reached his goal of $1,500.00! If you could take a moment to donate (click here) and or pass this on; it would be highly appreciated! Thank you for your time and attention, I hope the vet bills don’t go higher than the $1,500.00 estimation, but if they do, my son has a head start on the bills and much to be thankful for. Thank you!

Now, for the reason we all need something good to read: to escape all of the things above. No one is without some concerns, whether financial or health issues, we all have to learn to live with challenges and that is why so many great escapes were created. We can escape if only for a little while into a great read, into a book.

I have been working diligently on book 6, the finale of my Electric series that will be released on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2017! I picked this date because it is after all the work and fanfare of a month of preparations  which is now upon us. Preparation that takes a month of work for just a few short holidays, we could all use an escape, but we’re too busy during the holiday season to stop and luxuriate…One finds when January comes along there is a big let down as the coldest and darkest months are upon us, we need a good escape! So whether you are just starting to read my series or have already read all five books and are just waiting for this last one, you’ll have a nice escape into Gina’s world waiting for you.

So as promised and with no further adieu here is Tuesday’s Teaser from, Electric, The Finale, Book 6!




“I’m so glad Reggie left so I could get my stuff without incident.” Gina said, tears welling up in her eyes as she wheeled her suitcase into grand foyer of Don’s penthouse. “I just don’t understand it. How did he get that way?” She said removing her shoes and hanging her coat.

“I’ll pour us a drink and we can work our way through it,” Don called out from the living room as he grabbed the crystal decanter from the glass and chrome bar cart in the corner.

“Wow! This place is amazing!” Gina said, entering the living room she looked through the wall of windows and sliding doors out to the veranda with city lights twinkling all around the dark patch of earth that was Central Park at 2:30 a.m.. Gina sat on one of the black leather couches mesmerized by the view and curled up with a deep red cashmere throw, as Don poured the brandy.

“Here take a sip of this and tell me what I can do,” Don said, handing Gina the crystal snifter while taking his place on the black leather chaise lounge.

Gina breathed in the pungent aroma of the brandy, the large snifter encircled her face as she took a sip. “This is such a magnificent view. I know I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Brad’s passing. So much has happened in these past three weeks that my head is spinning. You know I never really even dated. It was Brad and I and that was it. I fell in love with him and I just thought we would be together forever. It’s not that our relationship was perfect. No, far from perfect, but look at those four beautiful kids we produced in such a short amount of time. Both our heads were spinning so fast that we barely had time to look up and think about what we were doing. We were just so busy doing it. Somewhere along the way, I think Brad just shut down. He was intent on making money, and we needed money. I just feel so foolish, as if I decided not to worry my pretty little blonde head about money, when money is the driving force of everything.”

“I understand,” Don said, nodding in agreement.

“Oh, you don’t want to hear all of this, besides I must sound like a broken record droning on and on.”

“Now honey, just rest assure. I have nowhere else I would rather be.” Don said sitting up straighter planting his feet back on the plush carpet as he continued, “Gina I am all yours. Just let me know how I can help you.”

“If I were to be totally honest with you Don, I would have to confess that I am just plain scared. I am not sure how to proceed. I have my children to think about and let’s face it; I haven’t been acting like a mother or myself since Brad’s passing. You know I am sick right? I have systemic sclerosis. The doctor said I have three to five years to live.”

“It’s not that I am not taking your diagnosis seriously, but doctors cannot predict things like that. I will look into your illness and see what I can do to help you. How are you feeling? I mean besides the mourning and recent heartbreak. I know it has taken an emotional toll, but physically, you seem fine.”

“I don’t know, I guess. I mean when I went to the herbalist she said I was on drugs. She said my eyes were dilated and I don’t know. In these past three weeks I have eaten and drank things that I never even heard of before. I haven’t been keeping my regular hours. In order for me to ascertain how I am doing physically, I would have to go on my normal schedule and really pay attention to everything I am doing. You know, everything I ingest and make sure that I’m getting proper rest. I really can’t say how I am feeling or if I am feeling normal or even what it is like to feel normal until I get back to my normal routine. Because honestly, I don’t know if I’m roofied half the time with this crowd.”

“Roofied! My dear, what are you talking about?”

“I don’t know. I will say that I have unusual sleeping patterns, black outs and I am doing and saying things that I normally wouldn’t. I don’t know how to explain it. My behavior coupled with what the herbalist said, leads me to believe that I have been drugged on more than one occasion in the past few weeks.”

“You don’t think Carlotta would do that to you?”

“Carlotta or the host of other people that I have met over these past few weeks.” Gina stopped herself and remembered Detective Casey and all that he had told her about that website and the things he saw on it and decided to try and change the direction that this conversation was going. “Look I am not accusing you of anything. All I am saying is that I cannot judge how my health is doing in these past few weeks of whirlwind activities. Ask me again in a few weeks when I can get back to my normal routine.”

“I will get you the best doctors and we will get your health under control, don’t worry. I will take care of you, but in the meantime, tell me, what is it that you need right now to make you happy? I know you are mourning and that will have to take its proper course. But what do you need in the immediate future? What is it that you want foremost?

“I want to be independent. I want to be able to raise my children and give them all the things they need. I don’t want them to suffer the way I did growing up. I want to make sure their needs are met and that they can reach their full potential. My salary doesn’t pay the bills; it barely covers the mortgage on our house. How are we supposed to eat? I guess what I am really afraid of is that I can’t do it alone and I will have to have a partner.” Gina groaned and sighed simultaneously at the remembrance of Reggie. “I am so grossed out at how easily I was manipulated by Reggie. Do you mind if I take a shower?”

“Sure, let me give you the grand tour of the place. I can show you where you are sleeping and you can settle in for the night.”

“Oh that sounds lovely, if you don’t mind? I am very tired. But I am also afraid that I can’t sleep.”

“The room is fully outfitted with a nice television in the armoire and the cable channels are listed on the back of the remote.”

“Perfect,” Gina said rising from her seat, taking the last sip of brandy. “Where can I put this?”

“Just leave it. This penthouse is fully staffed. But please note the living room with the magnificent view of Central Park before we start the tour, it spans the width of the penthouse.”

“It’s beautiful!”

“And through here is the dinning room, it seats 12, the butler pantry to your right is fully stocked with antique Limoges china, Baccarat Crystal and gold flatware for entertaining. The pantry leads into the gourmet kitchen. To your left, down the hall there are the guest bathrooms, rec room and study. At the end of the hall are five bedrooms; I’ll let you take the master suite. I’ll show you the rec room tomorrow if you don’t mind. I’m a bit tired myself.”

“Are you sure you want to give up the master suite?”

“All the bedrooms here are palatial ensuite, so it really doesn’t matter darling.”

“Okay, Don thanks again,” Gina said rising on tippy toe to give him a hug. She grabbed her suit case as they reentered the foyer and wheeled it down the marble lined hallway noticing the fine artwork hanging on the walls as she passed, thinking of Reggie, Brad and Mikhail, wondering what she would do next.

Gina opened the French doors of the veranda off her suite and was greeted with a strong blast of artic air, but couldn’t resist just stepping out on the snow-lined veranda to grab a peek at the view. It was spectacular but the chilly night air chased her back into the master suite in less then a minute as she swiftly closed the doors behind her and took in the beautiful room. Gina quickly headed to the bathroom and started the shower testing the water temperature and thinking. Could I have made it work with Reggie? She entered the shower, enjoying the hot water shooting from the jets on all sides. Of course I couldn’t. He’s nuts! He’s certifiable! She thought as the jets massaged her back in all the right spots, slowly melting the tension away. I have got to get back home to my kids and forget all this nonsense, but is it nonsense? She queried as the shampoo ran down her body. Come April 1st, I’m back wondering how I am going to eat. I have to put the house up for sale, but then where do we go? I can’t think of it now. I have to stay in the present. I will just enjoy my stay here until I have to face reality again.

Gina toweled off, put on a t-shirt and panties, pulled back the duvet and climbed into the bed, falling fast asleep with her wet hair on the pillow.


Chapter 160

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New Release Date/Tuesday Teasers!

Celebrating Labor Day, as writing is a labor of love.

I hope you all have enjoyed the summer that is coming to a close next week.

I had a working summer, with pool, driveway and many other household repairs, that kept me way too busy over the summer.

I would like to wish all of you a safe and pleasant Labor Day weekend and also wanted to announce the new release date for Book 6  is January of 2017.

I figured since the book is starting in the new year of 1997, I might as well release the book at the same time via 20 years later.

Please keep in mind that all books read well as stand alone, but it sure is fun to know the full story. All books have received 5 star reviews for your perusal. And of course book 1 is free to all at smash words.com. So if you haven’t yet, please start reading.

I also offer books 1-3 at a special discount as well.

I want to thank all my avid readers and fans, especially the ones that take the time to write reviews. So a Big THANK YOU! I am thrilled at how well Book 5 is being received. You can check out the 5 star reviews here.

And now for your Tuesday Teaser of, Electric,  Book 6, The Finale.



“Oh my God! Don, is that you?” Gina screamed across the lobby of the Four Seasons hotel, as she ran up to Don, who cringed with embarrassment.

“Gina, my love, I was just coming up to see you! But what is this,” Don asked as he observed Gina’s appearance. “What are you wearing?”

“I got out of there as quickly as I could. I can’t believe you are here. I didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. I still don’t. I just can’t believe…. I can’t believe,” Gina’s voice broke and changed to uncontrollable sobbing, as she collapsed in Don’s arms.

“There, there. It couldn’t be that bad. Could it? What happened?” Don asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

“I can’t begin to describe, I don’t even want to relive the experience,” Gina’s emotions took her hostage, yet again, as Don tried to calm her.

“You need a drink to quiet your nerves. I have a penthouse just a few blocks from here. I was just coming to check on the two of you to see what your plans are for New Year’s Eve! I thought I might tag along. I never suspected that I would find you like this my poor, poor dear. Here, let’s slip into the Ty bar and grab a seat by the fireplace and you can tell me all about it. I don’t see any luggage and I don’t want you to leave without that!”

“He flew me here. How am I going to get home?”

“He’ll fly you back. Don’t worry, or you can fly back with me? I just have to make some arrangements.”

Don steadied Gina as he guided her to the entrance of the bar. He had never seen Gina so visibly shaken.

Don flagged the maître d’ and gave the sign for two, the bartender knew just what to do. They grabbed a seat by the fireplace in the corner facing the wall as Gina began her story.

“He is so strange, you know? I don’t have experience and I guess I was trying to keep up with him, considering he’s more sophisticated and worldly or whatever, but what is this bondage, voyeurism, sadism all about? Are you like that?”

“I need more information. I mean, I’m sure I’m not, but I’m not clear, what you are talking about,” Don said as their two dirty martinis arrived.

“Here take a nice long sip of this. Do you like blue cheese?”

“Not particularly.”

“Then don’t eat the olive. I should have asked. Sorry, these are a favorite of mine.”

“What is that?” Gina asked after taking a sip with a grimace.

“1 part dry vermouth and 6 parts gin, that olive is stuffed with blue cheese, hence the name, dirty martini.”

“Could I just get a rum and coke, Meyers if they got it?”

“Sure,” Don said waving his hand again, “Can you get the lady a Cuba Libre, Meyers rum?”

“Right away sir.”

“Okay, now where were we?”

“Let me just say that Reggie is kinky and he went too far.”

“You two had a lover’s quarrel?”

“We are not lovers, but unfortunately, I can’t say the same about our chauffeur!”

“I’m confused. You are lovers with your chauffeur?”

“Yeah, some Chinese chick!”


“Reggie started this whole Dom/Sub thing. At least that is what I think it is called. I think he is incapable of having a normal loving relationship!”

“What makes you think that?”

“Well, he started with all these demands. He is not like a normal guy who wants to make love.”

“I see. At least, I think I see. I have known Reggie for years and the subject has never come up.”

“I’m sure it hasn’t, who would want to admit or talk about such dysfunction?”

Don had to hold back a laugh as he tried to remain attentive.

“Anyway,” Gina continued as her drink arrived, she grabbed it as if it were mother’s milk and gulped it down.

“Slow down there, little lady. You don’t want to make yourself sick.”

“No, you are right about that. It is just that I can’t get over it. Can I have another one of these?”

Don motioned again and received a nod in recognition.

“So anyway, he is all into this bondage, blindfold, whipping, hot candle wax and cold ice cubes! He had me tied down and blindfolded and he brought in the chauffeur and left me with her and her strap on. I am so sorry for telling you this Don,” Gina said as she started to sob again.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m sure I’ve heard worse. So what is the final outcome? What do you want to do? How can we fix this?”

“I don’t know. I am all partied out. I am an emotional wreck. I still feel that I am in love with him. That is why I went so far and let him do all that kinky shit. But he went too far and I don’t think there is any coming back from this. Do you know what I mean?”

“Now, I think I do. Yes dear. He is a voyeur and although there has not been much research into this field, he seems to have shades of a sadistic streak too.”

“I just don’t get it? When did two people falling in love turn into all this?”

“Not sure falling in love is the right term. I think it is more like you said earlier. A sexual dysfunction.”

“How do you suppose this happened to Reggie?”

“I don’t know. You would be surprised by the number of men that like to watch unsuspecting people in a state of undress or in private acts such as masturbating or having sex. I think it gives them a God complex.”

“I have often thought of that. I don’t know where it stems from. I think it might have started when I was a little girl and my mother died. Everyone told me she was watching me from heaven. So I have always had the feeling like I am being watched. Religion lends itself to this philosophy too, like God is watching you. Right?”

“So you think as a culture we are programed to believe that we are being watched?”

“Think of the Deist’s angle on religion. You know the Deists right?”

“Founders of our country. Yes, I have heard of them.”

“Then you know about the watch maker’s theory? God made a watch and set it in motion and moved on. He never looked back. He doesn’t care about the outcome. He did what he came to do and then he was done.”

“So you are saying that God is not watching us?”

“Yes, but that is not to say that we are not being watched by someone. I have often thought of us as reality television, like that Louds family back in the 70’s, a real ‘Cinema Verite,’ uncut and unedited for a superior race on some other planet.”

Don burst out laughing, “Oh, my Gina, you are a delight!”

“I don’t know how delightful I feel right now.”

“I don’t expect you should. But don’t worry. This too shall pass. Do you want to go back up and get your luggage? Stay at my place?”

“Sure. I kind of figured when I saw that chauffeur that my time with Reggie was over. I was out of my league.”

“Oh darling, you are not out of his league. We will build Utopia and it will be a smash and soon we will have properties all around the world and this night will be nothing more than a little blip on the radar. You are going to become a very wealthy woman and soon people will be catering to you. Now let’s go upstairs and get things squared away,” Don said popping the olive into his mouth.

“Thank you so much Don. I told Brad about my idea years ago and he never took me seriously! I can’t believe how lucky I am that you keep showing up and just when I need you too. Thank you,” Gina said standing, holding out her arms to embrace him in a hug.

end of chapter 162

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Electric, The Holidays, Book 5, 1st review!

For some reason, Amazon is not posting reviews. So I thought I would take it upon myself to share the first review of Electric, The Holidays, Book 5, by Devika Fernando that appears on Goodreads with you here:1streview

Devika Fernando
Jun 05, 2016  Devika Fernando rated it really liked it
This is a book I had eagerly (and sometimes none too patiently been waiting for). The aptly titled “The Holidays” is Book 5 in the electrifying ELECTRIC series by Carly Compass. It picks Gina’s story up where it ended on a cliffhanger in Book 4 (The Aftermath).

Without warning, the reader is thrown into a world where up seems down, wrong seems right, and every bend in the road leads to another twisted temptation. Gina is whisked away into a universe of its own, so to speak, of nefarious practices, unsavory characters, nasty tricks and international crime thinly veiled behind unimaginable grandeur and splendor. It makes for a disturbing read, but in a good, thought-provoking way that doesn’t allow you to let go even after the book is finished.

I can’t really say much about the story itself because SPOILERS… But I will tell you that we’re traveling into the spiritual realm again, in more ways than one.

The author deftly manages to create so many different pieces that all form one picture of confusion, corruption, charisma, catastrophe and clandestine chaos. Evil scheming meets philosophical discourses, raw emotions meet superficial joys. And caught up in it all is Gina, who wants nothing more than to be cherished, provide for her children and honor a husband she lost in an abominable way. She feels like a fly trapped in a spider web to me. The more she struggles, the more she gets tangled up in the sticky net. But when she ceases to struggle, a whole family of spiders crawl towards her and weave a second net of lies. Some of the villains in the book – which ventures into the dark corners of BDSM too – deserve (pardon the pun) to be electrocuted.

Book 5 ends up a cliffhanger too, and I’m sure I’ll tear some more hair out until I get to read the sixth and final instalment in the series. Until then, I’ll keep my mind occupied with adding my own research to the amazing and intriguing snippets of information on the beginnings of religion that Compass has – like a good compass needle would – pointed me to. (less)
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Book 5 is Live!

EB5CVR The long awaited Electric, Book 5 has arrived and gone live on Amazon and Smashwords.

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Thank you so much for your patience! I sincerely hope you enjoy the series.

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For Mary

ForMaryI want to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that despite all of our prayers, Mary passed away this morning, peacefully, after being taken off life support two weeks ago.

Another Angel has joined the ranks, to watch over us from heaven.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 11.42.21

She will be missed here on earth.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 11.41.59

Out of respect for Mary and her memory, I will be postponing the release of Electric, Book 5 for one week.

I know you understand and I appreciate your continued support.

Peace be with you!

Tuesday’s Teaser/For Mary

Hi Folks:

I want to thank everyone for their patience.

I am not sure if any of you caught the post I put up on my Facebook Author Page, but I have postponed the release of book 5 for a few more weeks. I don’t want to give my readers anything but my best work and I have been a bit distracted this past month.

Unfortunately my 35 year old niece started having seizures due to different medications she was taking for various medical reasons. The seizures were so severe that they put her in a drug induced coma to calm the brain. They tried taking her off of the drug induced coma a week later and the seizure continued. They put her back into the coma for another week. When they took her off the drugs yet again she did not have seizures, but did not wake up. Two weeks later the seizures came back and they have had to put her back into the drug induced coma. This has been going on for six weeks.

Mary is a 35 year old woman with one son in high school. I feel so helpless for her and wish there was something I can do to help her out. At this point all anyone can do is pray for her complete and full recovery. I start and end every day with a prayer for her and I would like to ask if you might please join in, asking for a complete recovery for Mary and strength for her family at this time of trial.  Thank you in advance for your time and attention for Mary.

I decided to share the next Chapter of Electric Book 5 here. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave comments below.


To Brunch or Not To Brunch


“Rob, Honey,” Gina called as she went up the stairs.


Reggie stepped into the living room and looked around shaking his head as his eyes scanned the humble abode, thinking, this place looks a lot smaller in person.


Martha served French toast and fresh fruit in the sunroom to the delight of the children.


“Rob,” Gina said as she knocked on his door.

“Go away!” Rob shouted, as Gina opened the door and entered the room.


Jeeves grabbed a plate and sat in the dining room.


“Honey,” Gina said, and bent down by Rob’s bed where he lay face down.

“Why were you kissing that man?” Rob buried his head deeper under the covers as Gina stammered. “Reggie is a very nice and generous man who has been helping me. He brought over those puppies for you and a wonderful breakfast too. I was just giving him a hug in gratitude. We are all going through so much; why don’t you go downstairs and get some breakfast while I go put some clothes on?” Gina said, standing to leave the room and get dressed.

Rob rolled over and looked at Gina with disgust and wrapped the pillow around his head as Gina left the room.

“Try the sausage,” Rob heard Lisa cry out as he decided to join the others.

“It’s delicious,” Amanda agreed, while Duncan was mostly interested in the bacon.


“It’s a cute house,” Martha offered as she took her seat at the dining room table.

Reggie just gave a grunt as he looked around the rather tight quarters barely room for him to walk around the table to get to the next room. He peered down into the little crystal chandelier that was hanging from the 7ft-ceiling saying; “I think I am getting claustrophobic in here. Will you be alright with the kids?”

“Yes, sir,” Both Jeeves and Martha replied.

“Good,” Reggie said as he grabbed a seat and waited for Gina.


Gina was freezing, as she looked at her hands and feet, her toes were a horrid shade of purple. This is all too much! She thought as she wondered what she was going to wear. She couldn’t go out with Reggie and leave the children, could she? This was happening too fast. She went over the day’s events as she rubbed her hands together and blew into them trying to warm them and get the blood circulating. She realized the only way she would warm up was by getting into the shower. If she let this episode go she might never get the blood back into her hands and feet. This thought just added more stress as she looked down at her toes, the tips now turning a darker shade of purple, almost black. This was enough to stress her out. Too Bad! She thought, I am taking a shower.


Reggie heard the shower turn on overhead and let out a sigh of frustration as he looked to Martha and Jeeves who were enjoying their breakfast. “Is there fresh Coffee,” Reggie asked, looking directly at Martha.

“No, sir, but I will put on a pot right away, if you will just give me a minute.”

“Fine,” Reggie said rising from the table. He decided to look around the house further. It looked so different to him now. Seeing it in person was rather surreal. He looked around and remembered explicit scenes that the family had been through. Gina slid down the wall there when she told Brad about Vladimir. He thought as he walked through the living room and into the den.

The camera angle in the den certainly did not allow him to see into the drawers of the desk or the file cabinet. He looked around to see if he could spot a camera. He heard that Don had reinstalled them all over the house, while they were on their four-day escapade, but as he looked around he really couldn’t see any.


Gina stood under the running water. She had plugged the tub so that she could soak her cold feet while she shampooed her hair.


Vladimir was stunned, as he had just watched what Tonya had done for the last two weeks. He contemplated how things could have gone differently, but he could see no other way for things to play out. Questions where running through his mind at warp speed when he drifted off to sleep again.


“There is no rest for the wicked,” Tzadkiel said to Matatron as they closed the screen down.

“No indeed,” Matatron agreed.

“When we interfere and meddle in peoples lives too much and in a negative way there is going to be hell to pay,” Tzadkiel said with a wink.

“I am not sure how this is all going to play out. We have to think of the children first and foremost.”

“Precisely, so you know what to do,” Tzadkiel said, looking sternly at Matatron.

“Affirmative,” Matatron said uneasily, because he hadn’t the slightest clue.

“Good, then report to me when you have completed your mission. I will hand the rest of your cases over to Sensa, who will handle everything until your mission is complete.”

“Thank you, Tzadkiel. I will be in touch,” Matatron said, as he shimmered out of sight.


Gina ran the blow dryer through her long blonde hair feeling much better now that she warmed up. She felt so vulnerable thinking that something like answering the front door could cause her to relapse into a full on attack of Raynaud’s phenomenon, but that was the reality of her situation and she was going to have to face it. She took one final look at herself in the mirror, her hair cascaded down her back in loose ringlets, she selected her favorite Levi’s, and pink sweater with a plunging neckline. One last quick adjustment of her boobs, pushing them up and squishing them together, allowed a more voluptuous cleavage as she bounced down the stairs.

“There you are,” Reggie said with excitement. “It’s already 1:00 p.m. I thought you would never come down.”

“Sorry, my hands and feet went into an attack from being exposed to the cold so I had to warm them up before anything else.”

“Are you okay Ma’am?” Martha asked.

“Yes, I am now. Thank you Martha,” Gina said with a smile.

“Good,” Reggie said, “Let’s get out of here! I’m starving.”

“Where are you going Mommy?” Lisa asked.

“Just for lunch honey. You should be fine here for an hour?” Gina asked looking to Reggie for an answer.

“Better make it three hours,” Reggie said.

“But, Mommy, weren’t we supposed to go shopping for the week?”

“And what about school,” Amanda asked.

“You guys won’t go back to school until after the winter break. Even if we decide to go back we have all day tomorrow,” Gina said nervously.

“Oh, but I want to go back,” Lisa said.

“Me too,” Rob added.

“Well. Okay, if you think you are up to it. I told the school you wouldn’t be back until the beginning of the New Year. You guys really need to take it slow.”

“Why should the children sit around with their memories all day?” Martha asked.

“I guess if you guys go and then change your mind you can just call me and I will pick you up. But look, we will talk about it further when I get back. Okay?” Gina asked as she put on her parka.

“Okay Mommy,” Lisa said.

“If the children need anything from the store I would be happy to go pick it up,” Jeeves offered.

Realizing they would never get out of there at this point, Gina abruptly said, “You guys be good, okay,” she bent down and extended her arms in a hug to which the children gladly entered.

Reggie walked over to the door and held up his wrist to look at his Bvlgari Magsonic Sonnerie Tourbillon watch, with a slight sigh, which rattle Gina a bit, to move along.


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Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews $75 Million dollar Lawsuit:


First I would like to say how sorry I am that Erin Andrews has to go through this terrible ordeal.

It does speak volumes though, to Electric, The Aftermath, Book 4. Many of my readers cited that Gina seemed to go through a personality change from the previous three books, some citing that it was the mourning process, but as we watch Erin Andrew’s lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott Hotel we can see the devastating effects that this can have on an individual.

Erin was stalked and her privacy was violated exponentially by it being posted on the internet. Erin’s court case is different because people accused her of blasting her nude video on the internet as a publicity stunt, which is not the case. Not only was Erin Andrew’s violated, but now she is left to defend herself by proving that she did not post this video for publicity sake adding insult to injury.

When I wrote The Electric Series, I had no idea how relevant the story would be with both stalkers and unauthorized video taping of individuals being a real and constant threat in today’s society.

I am currently writing book 5 due out at the end of April working to find solutions to the problem. It is time that we stop victimizing the victims and create a dialogue and clear understanding that this behavior is not okay and will not be tolerated.

2016-02-12 10.39.49

Learn more
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Tuesday’s Teaser

Electric, Book 5/ Work in Progress…

You can be a part of the creative process. Please feel free to comment below as this is a work in progress. If I use your suggestion  your name will end up in the acknowledgments of this book.

Things seem to be moving right along and I do not expect any further delays on the release of book 5 due out at the end of April!

Thank you for your patience and enjoy this little sneak peak:




Gina woke quietly and stretched out under her covers. Then she noted Brad was missing and her thoughts turned dark. How did you die Brad? Was it a heart attack? Were you poisoned?” Frustrated Gina pulled the covers over her head and fell back to sleep. Soon a loud rapping at the door below disturbed her as she pushed the covers off of her head and sat up and looked at the clock. 11:00 a.m.! Gina jumped out of the bed. Did we all sleep in so late? She thought as she grabbed her robe and put it on, as the perpetual knocking continued below. With a quick check on the kids who were still sleeping Gina ran down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about.

She peered though the peephole and saw Reggie! Gina gasped grabbing her robe and tightening it around her throat, noting she was not even wearing underwear. The knocking continued as Gina tried to think of what to do. She couldn’t go upstairs and change, she scanned the living room, blankets, and a few bowls of popcorn from last night were strewn about. She had to face the music and just open the door. She did a quick check in the mirror by the door, but it was pointless. She didn’t have a stitch of makeup on and it was too late to do anything about it. The knocking persisted as she grabbed the latch and opened the door.

“What? Don’t tell me you were sleeping?” Reggie’s voice barreled through the room.

“Good morning!” Gina said in shock.

“Good morning to you too. May I come in,” Reggie asked, holding something behind his back.

“Of course,” Gina said, opening the door wider and stepping back as Reggie pulled his arm from behind his back to reveal a basket covered with a blanket.

“What is this?” Gina asked.

“Take a look,” Reggie insisted.

Gina pulled back the blanket to reveal two of the most adorable puppies inside.

“Oh My God!” Gina exclaimed, taking the basket from his hands and placing it the floor as Reggie entered fully.

“I called you yesterday. Did you get my message?”

“Yeah, but it was late at night and I thought I would call you in the morning. I never sleep this late,” Gina said picking up one of the puppies that were little bigger than the size of her hand. “What are these?”

“Pomeranians, they’re brothers, from my breeder. Romulus and Remus, what do you think? Catchy? “

“Oh my God, they’re so cute, but so small! Is it too soon to be taken from their mother?”

“They’re fine,” Reggie said, as the kids came down the stairs, now awake from all the commotion.

“Who are these sleepy heads,” Reggie asked as the children shyly entered the living room.

“What are those?” Rob asked excitedly, as the girls ran forward squealing with delight.

“Puppies. Little Pomeranian pooches.” Reggie said as the children gathered around the basket with all manner of onomatopoeias.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I saw how much you loved my dogs and I thought they would be great for the children too and they’re small so they won’t take up too much room.”

“But I don’t have any supplies,” Gina said, as she thought of caring for the dogs and all the responsibilities that went with it.

“Don’t worry I thought of everything, I have Jeeves and Martha waiting outside. I bought the pups everything they will need and I even brought you all a nice brunch.”

“Oh, Thank you,” Gina said astounded. “Well, invite them in. We cannot leave them out in the cold,” Gina insisted.

Reggie opened the door and gave a signal and soon Jeeves and Martha were at the door with hoards of bags and boxes. The snow on Reggie’s shoes melted creating a puddle where he stood.

“Good morning,” Gina said, welcoming them in. The front hall became too crowded. Gina grabbed the basket with the puppies and moved into the living room, the children followed. “Rob, Honey, run upstairs and get a dark bath towel so we can clean up that water in the hall there,” Gina asked.

Without question, Rob dutifully went up the stairs. Gina laid the basket down quick as the sash to her robe started to fail. She quickly tighten it remembering again her state of undress…nothing but Brad’s old faded, thread bare t-shirt covered by her sheer satin dressing gown.

“I brought food, ma’am. Where is the kitchen?” Martha asked.

“Just around the corner to your left,” Gina pointed.

“Where do you want me to put the dog’s beds and paraphernalia?” Jeeves asked.

“Let’s leave it right here,” Gina suggested.

“Okay. I have more stuff in the car,” Jeeves said exiting back to the car.

“So this is it? Your home?” Reggie inquired, looking around the living room to his right and then the dining room to his left.

“Yes,” Gina said looking around the room that was overstuffed with the clutter of living, made more so by the added Christmas decorations.

“Here,” Rob announced handing Reggie a navy blue towel.

“What’s this?” Reggie asked, taking the towel with a quizzical look.

“For your shoes,” Gina said pointing to the puddle now forming on the tiled foyer.

“Oh, sorry,” Reggie said nervously wondering what to do.

“You can just stand on it,” Gina offered.

“Okay. Thanks,” Reggie said placing the towel on the floor. “You have a charming home. Are you guys ready for brunch?”

The children looked at each other excited, but unsure how to answer.

“Go into the kitchen kids and see what Martha has cooking,” Gina suggested. The puppies were over stimulated by all the attention. When the children left through the den, Reggie held open his arms in greeting. Gina stood feeling self-conscious. She felt goose bumps on her flesh and the chill was apparent as her nipples poked through the sheer t-shirt and robe she was wearing.

Reggie’s eyes gravitated to her chest further adding to her awkwardness so she rushed forward to Reggie’s waiting arms enveloped by his embrace in a passionate hug. Gina’s condition only worsened having pressed up to the cold leather of Reggie’s black leather boomer jacket. Her left nipple grazed the zipper as she pulled away causing a twinge between her legs.

“Thank you, Reggie,” Gina said as Reggie put his arms around her waist and pulled her in tighter. He whispered in her ear, “Oh how I have missed you my sweet, sweet Gina.” He moved his lips from her ear to her lips. Jeeves came in with another load.

“Where do I put the presents?” Jeeves asked.

“Presents,” Gina exclaimed as Jeeves entered the door.

“Under the tree I guess,” Gina said, as Jeeves promptly placed the elegantly wrapped packages under the tree.

“What’s all this?” Gina asked.

“I took the liberty of picking up a few things for you and the kids.”

“That’s incredible,” Gina said, as Reggie instructed Jeeves to join the others in the kitchen.

“Now where were we,” Reggie asked, looking Gina up and down, noting her pert nipples, he pulled Gina in closer.  He lifted her chin with his hand as he laid his lip on hers in a passionate kiss. Rob entered the room with a shriek of surprise that broke their embrace.

“Rob, honey,” Gina stammered, “I was just thanking Reggie for the gifts.”

“I can see that!” Rob exclaimed, as he stomped up the stairs very deliberately.

“Oh my God!” Gina whispered. “This is terrible. Reggie, he just lost his father. I have to go to him.” Gina said breaking their embrace.

“Sure honey, but let me take you out to lunch. Martha and Jeeves are great with kids. They can look after them while we go out.”

“I don’t know,” Gina hesitated. “Let me go talk to Rob and smooth things over.”

“Okay, go get dressed,” Reggie insisted as Gina went up the stairs after Rob.


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Dysfunctional Family Day

Imagine for a moment that you are eighteen years old.

What did you look like? How did it feel? Did you have more energy? Did you have a different outlook on life? What were you thinking and what was important to you at that age?

Now imagine you are with the one and only. That member of the opposite sex that you have been waiting for, for the last three years. Yes, they were older than you, but now you are legal. Now, you are an adult and not some lost teenager…Now imagine further still, that they have invited you to attend a wedding and you are seated at the back of the church as your date starts to narrate….

“That’s my aunt and uncle up there, see in the second pew?”

“Yes, with the silver hair?”

“Yes, that’s my aunt and her husband is right next to her. They own a restaurant downtown, Beaumont’s, it used to be my grandmothers before she retired.”

“I’ve heard of Beaumont’s, but I didn’t know you were related to the family.” You say, trying to hide your enthusiasm and sheer excitement to be involved with such a prominent family in Chicago.

 “Yes, my grandmother is sitting right next to them and their three children. Joanne is getting married next month.”

You sit back and take in the scene. Everyone is in their Sunday best, dressed to the hilt. Now you are imagining that you could be a part of this. Your date doesn’t realize that your family does’t own restaurants or have big weddings like the one you are about to witness. Heck, your family does’t even attend church and has TV dinners for a Thanksgiving day feast!

“How many people are going to attend this wedding?” You ask as the church starts to fill with people and the din of delightful conversation.

“500 easy! They won’t all come to the church here, but they will show up at the reception later. It’s being held at the Starlight! Look there’s my aunt. Mother of the bride.”

Your gaze follows back to the entrance until you see her. A tall ostentatious figure wearing a large  brimmed black hat with netting  covering her rather glamorous face.  Her floor length skin tight sequined evening gown shimmers as she sashays down the isle with a nervous usher in a white tuxedo. “She just got out of the hospital. She had a nervous breakdown after her divorce and now spends her time in and out of treatment.”

“Oh!” You say, stunned thinking that she doesn’t look like the type and surprised at your intended’s admission. “Is that your mother or father’s sister.”

“My father’s, my mother’s family is all in Poland. Look there’s the bride’s father. He’s had been married three times. He is also my Godfather.”

“I wonder if all his wives are invited to the wedding. They are, after all, like step mothers to the bride, right?”

“My mom and dad just arrived, they brought my sisters, Brenda and Ellen along. You will meet them later.”

Yes, you think to yourself, this is alright. You can imagine being a part of this family as the organ music starts to play and everyone settles in their seat to Ava Maria, The 12 bridesmaids enter the sanctum in their rainbow taffeta along with their bridegrooms handsomely dressed in tuxedos as they take their places at the head of the church encompassing the alter. After a brief pause, the organ plays out that classic song, Here Comes the Bride.  As the groom takes his place at the front alter of the church the guests turn to the back to see the stunning bride!

Now, Flash forward 12 years into the future and get your #freedownload to see how this story plays out…

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I thought you might like to take a little break from your dysfunctional families and peak in on someone else’s dysfunction for a change. Get a birds eye view with the realization that you are not alone and enjoy a story with both heart and soul peppered with some good humor and a sprinkling of reality.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am grateful for my readers and wish you all an abundantly happy holiday season!

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